Intended Message of Russia’s Kalibr Missile Strike on Foreign Military Command Center

Translated by Captain Ahab


Sputnik Arabic

Russian Kalibr missiles struck a foreign military command center in Darret Ezzat, Aleppo province

A source confirmed to Sputnik that the command center housed 30 military officers from Turkey, America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Britain, and Israel, from where they were organizing and planning the terrorist’s operations in Aleppo and Idlib.

According to the same source, the Syrian Army killed around 20 terrorists in the last two days, during clashes in the 1070 district, where snipers are shooting civilians in Al-Hamadaniyyah district, noting that one-third part of the 1070 district is housing civilians, and the other two-thirds is split between the SAA and the terrorists.

Stalker Zone reached out to Elijah J. Magnier to comment on what this Kalibr missile strike means in the current phase of the Syrian War, where the red lines have seemingly become more faded than ever:

“It is most likely that an operation room was hit in rural Aleppo. This is not the first time Russia has hit rebel’s and jihadist’s military operation room. The Al-Qaeda General Commander in Aleppo, known as Abu Omar Saraqeb, was killed among other rebel commanders by a Russian airstrike that targeted their gathering place in the countryside of the northern province of Aleppo. Russia doesn’t share its intentions with the USA for fear of leakage to rebels and jihadists working together. This is why Russia uses Kalibr strategic missiles also in these intelligence hit.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to verify such information because it is provided by Russian Intelligence. Neither rebels, nor countries involved mentioned anything about it, which is not surprising after all. In any case, if that is true, it shows that Russia has established a no-red-line in Syria or, even if the information is unverified, Russia is today telling everybody that the war in Syria is its own war and it won’t fail. The era of Afghanistan is over for Russia. I believe this is the intended message to deliver.”

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