Interdiction to Speak Your Own Language Is Also Genocide…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The validation of Ukrainian literacy will be held in Odessa – residents will be put behind desks and the dictation will be in the Ukrainian language.

According to local media, it will be the first “public dictation on the knowledge of the Ukrainian language” in Odessa.

So, “ethno-cultural genocide” applied to Russians (and not only to Russian, about which our journalists from “” previously reported) in the countries that once were Soviet socialist Republics is flourishing in Ukraine.


There are fewer Russian schools, and opportunities to study Russian language, literature, and even to speak their native language are forcibly narrowed. One doesn’t have to go far to find examples: for example, let’s look at Odessa National University (ONU) – now it’s a name of former Novorossiya’s University, and was established in the administrative center of Novorossiya, Odessa, on the basis of Richelieu’s Lyceum, where at different times, without asking nationalities, Dmitry Mendeleev, Nikolai Pirogov, Adam Mickiewicz were lecturing.

Here we go the literature of Pushkin and Gogol at ONU is now taught by the department of… “foreign literature”! And this in a city that gave the world Isaac Babel, Eduard Bagritsky, Valentin Kataev, and Ilf and Petrov. All great masters of Russian Works, if they didn’t live or work there, they all at least visited, without exception, including those of Pushkin and Gogol, friendly Odessa.

We will quote once more Bishop George of Alania, who referred to the deliberate policy of stifling the attempts of studying and development of the people of their own ethnic and cultural identity as chauvinistic schizophrenia:

“Genocide can be physical, but its nature may be ethno-cultural. When people are forbidden to speak their language, to write with their graphics, to learn their culture… it is also genocide.”

Testing the knowledge of the “Kobzar language” (as the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko is called, who, however, wrote in Russian in no less “volume” than in Ukrainian) will be held in Odessa on August 21st.

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As the head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Hall Tatyana Markova announced, anyone can participate in the dictation. This “public dictation” will take place in the framework of the annual festival of embroidered shirts.

The hit of the season of “Independent Ukraine” – embroidery-pants!

In addition, this festival will be marked with a “Patriotic rally”. Also “conscious” [brainwashed – ed] Ukrainian citizens will gather in a chain and will stretch over the Potemkin stairs a 25-meter flag of Ukraine (Sergei Eisenstein is tossing and turning in his coffin…).

The embroidered shirts festival is a new national festival of ” Ukrainian Odessans”, dated August 24th, the Day of Independence of Ukraine. From Russia, apparently. Because there is no other “independence” to brag about…

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