Interest Is Not the Same: The West Ceases to Notice Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The European Council President Donald Tusk noted with regret that the US President Donald Trump doesn’t show any interest in the events happening in Ukraine and takes into account the position of Russia concerning this country. However, the European Union together with North Atlantic alliance also tries to highlight the “Ukrainian question” as rare as possible as of late, which President Poroshenko could be convinced of during his trip to Brussels for the NATO summit.

Tusk shared his sad observations concerning the American leader with journalists from the “Fakty po faktach” program on the Polish “TVN24” TV channel. “In several conversations with me President Trump didn’t hide that he feels less delight concerning Ukraine, and more understanding of what Russia has done in Ukraine,” said the chairman of the Eurocouncil, one of the few European politicians who haven’t yet blamed Kiev for corruption and a lack of “European reforms”. And Tusk stated that it is precisely now that Ukraine “needs support more than ever, especially in the light of a possible profound change of American policy in relation to it”.

Indeed, during the NATO summit Petro Poroshenko, who was present at it, didn’t receive the attention and respect from European and world leaders who indulged in him earlier. Moreover, upon the termination of the summit a video appeared on the official YouTube channel of NATO showing the only speech of the president of Ukraine from the tribune of the forum – the joint briefing with the Secretary General of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg happened in an almost empty hall. They were listened to by only a few people from the structure of the Ukrainian delegation. The other participants of the summit, as they already managed to joke about on Ukrainian social networks, were more interested in lunch, football, and Trump. Although only three years ago Poroshenko was applauded by the American congress.

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It should be noted that in the Ukrainian media this event was previously documented close-up in all senses: only the face of Poroshenko, conveying the positive results of the summit for Ukraine and about introduction of “North Atlantic prospect” into the country’s constitution. The publication on the official channel of NATO of the entire stage of the event can be considered as a diplomatic response to Poroshenko’s attempts to exaggerate his importance for the alliance. It is done in full accordance with the text of the final declaration of the summit, which didn’t contain any signals of rapprochement with Ukraine, but there were strict demands to implement the Minsk Agreements and to reform the special services.

Another piece of proof of the words of Tusk is also the mysterious story with Trump and Poroshenko’s meeting at the summit. The Ukrainian president stated that he had a conversation with his American colleague, however no visual proof of this was provided. The press service of the White House didn’t remember by Poroshenko by word or photo, i.e., from the point of view of the American administration, no such meeting took place.

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