Interior Ministry of Ukraine, “Holy Fathers”, Dollars, & American Pastors From the FBI

Many people are now discussing on social networks the situation around the Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for the Children’s Rights Nikolay Kuleba, who jumped a red light and caused an accident, as well as the records of the adviser of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, who is struggling to justify Kuleba. This article is intended to clarify the behaviour of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In February 2000 the “Church of Good Changes” was established in Mariupol. Together with it there is the “Pilgrim Republic” child rehabilitation center.

The Facebook page is led by Tanya Karpukhina and Gennady Mokhnenko. The latter published the “Prayer SOS” post yesterday, which says that Nikolay Kuleba, who was in an accident, is their “brother”. The post also states that the victim ran a red light.

The fact is that Kuleba is the founder and head of the organisation “Pilgrim Republic”, which began its activities under the Evangelical Church.

And Gennady Mokhnenko is the pastor of this church and emphasises that he is a Banderist.

The prevalence of this church can be judged even from this publication Mokhnenko, which in 22 hours gained more than 850 reposts.

Like all Protestant churches, this church is oriented towards working with young people, during “divine services” there they hold concerts, create projects to attract young people, etc.

Interestingly, in May 2000 “Pilgrim Republic”, a non-profit religious organisation, was registered in California, United States. According to the corporate data of this organisation, its president is Leo Medigo, and the registration agent is Larisa Sinitski.

I.e., initially the project that Kuleba created on the basis of the church, and which he then managed, had close ties with the United States. It is logical to assume that it is from the US that the main flow of financing of this fund comes, because a chance to help for those who live in the US is given in the information data of this organisation ahead of information about the possibility of assistance from Ukraine.

At the same time, Kuleba, despite his position as the Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights, is closely related to the religious environment, and the secular component is considered only as a tool for missionary activities.

A person who does not use a child seat when transporting children (this was reported by Tatiyana Montyan) and ignores a traffic light does not appear to be taking care of children. It seems more likely that for Kuleba activities related to children are an opportunity for religious structures to have access to work with teenagers and I do not rule out that these evangelical religious organisations can even pay him extra for the opportunities that open up for them. For any Protestant-type religious organisation that targets youth audiences, getting a man like Kuleba into their ranks is a big opportunity for expansion and work for the future, because then all these teenagers will work and give 10% of their income to the church.

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There is another organisation – “Global Christian Support”, whose Facebook page is led, together with colleagues, by pastor Yaroslav Malko.

On the page of this organisation many materials are devoted to the activities of Kuleba.

There you can also discover that Kuleba is very close to them, and the last post is called “Pray! Nikolay Kuleba was in a severe accident”.

This organisation is essentially created by the Americans. If you open the page on the site about the creators of the project, from 12 people, 10 are Americans, and 2 (Malko and Irina Babik) are Ukrainians.

Like the foundation of Kuleba, the organisation is also registered in both the United States and Ukraine.

And some projects directly overlap with Kuleba’s activities. For example, in addition to religious projects, there is also a project under which children are taken for rehabilitation in the United States and Europe to live with families.

In the United States the organisation was exempt from taxes in 2015, and its income exceeds $100,000 a year.

In fact, other sources also indicate that the organisation was registered in the United States in 2015 and its annual turnover exceeds $100,000.

Here it is worth paying attention to Malko’s activities.

On November 16th of this year on the page of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine there was a post about the Ministry of Internal Affairs expanding the institution of chaplaincy with the support of the US.

One might wonder what the United States is doing here? And what about the pastors and Kuleba?

But if we go to Pastor Yaroslav Malko’s Facebook page, we will find interesting processes that are now taking place in the country and have not been properly covered in the media.

The fact is that Malko is responsible for the issue of creating chaplaincy in the police. For example, 2 days before the statement of Avakov there was a message about a conference on the topic “Chaplain’s service for law enforcement” being held in the “Skiniya” evangelical church at the address 6 Academician Kablukov Street, Kiev, at 10:00.

On the website of this church we find a number of publications. First, participants from the United States speak at the conference.

Immediately afterwards a comment was published by a police officer who attended the conference.

Two hours later, the comment of the adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Yury Tandit, had already been published.

And two hours later there was a post about the participants of the conference already holding a meeting with the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and discussing the creation and development of a chaplain service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As is stated in Malko’s reports and on the church’s website, guests from the United States were not ordinary either. For example, there was Greg Young, who serves not only in the police department, but also the FBI. And it turned out that people connected to the FBI will help create a chaplain service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In fact, that’s why Avakov said that the processes are being carried out with the help of the United States.

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After the conference Malko and the American guests went on a tour of different evangelical churches and cities of Ukraine in order to discuss the situation on the ground with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Notably, in the same days Kuleba, associated with the activities of the evangelical church, also hosted a delegation from the United States.

As was stated, “the participants of the meeting separately discussed the issue of the ratification and implementation of the Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption”.

Now against the background of the development of the LGBT movement, the topic of the adoption of children is very acute, and Kuleba is “one of the initiators of the creation (and board member) of the alliance ‘Ukraine Without Orphans’.”

And here, good Christian Kuleba, who deals with issues pertaining to children and is connected with the activities of the evangelical church, travels by car and violates the law, according to which children are supposed to be in car seats, violates traffic laws and goes through a red light, as a result of which there is a traffic accident.

It is not known what injuries the minibus driver suffered, but from reports on the pages of religious groups it is known that the children of Kuleba suffered severe injuries, and doctors are now fighting for their lives, and a person who was at the center of important processes for the US and the evangelical church may become the subject of a criminal case.

It is logical that through the evangelical church, people like Malko appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for help, because for them Kuleba is a very important figure for the development of missionary activity among young people. And what? After that, the adviser of Avakov Anton Gerashchenko published a post from which it can be concluded that the perpetrator of the accident was not Kuleba, who went through a red light, but the driver of the minibus, under the wheels of which a high-ranking official threw himself. The resource “” noted that Gerashchenko edited this post 11 times. And in one of the edits he mentioned that Kuleba went through a red light, but then removed this mention and wrote that the driver of the minibus collided with the car that Kuleba was inside.

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The following picture is drawn. The Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights has run an organisation closely related to the religious activities of the evangelical church since 2000. The organisation is also registered in the United States, and some of Kuleba’s income is received from there. There is a similar situation with Pastor Malko – he generally looks like a puppet of a group of American citizens through the same evangelical church, and the budget of the organisation in the United States that finances Malko’s activities exceeds $100,000 annually. Kuleba works with young people and children, who are the main target audience of the evangelical church, and discusses the opportunities for Americans to adopt Ukrainian children. His church colleague Pastor Malko brings to Ukraine not only dollars for the activities of his church, but also chaplains who cooperate with the FBI, and is negotiating that he and his American colleagues, who cooperate with US intelligence agencies, create a chaplain service under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. At this point, Kuleba violates the law by transporting children without equipping the car with car seats, goes through a red light, and ends up in an accident.

A number of projects of the evangelical church are threatened, and the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko goes out of his skin in order to acquit Kuleba and blame the driver of a minibus, who was driving through a green light. All of this takes place against the background of the fact that the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is negotiating with representatives of the evangelical church on the establishment of a chaplain service, and with its mediation holds meetings with people who serve the US Police Department and the FBI. I think that this is the reason for the reaction of Gerashchenko, on whose Facebook page people are massively outraged by his manipulation and attempts to appoint an innocent person as the culprit of the accident.

Here is such interesting activity of the “holy fathers” of the evangelical church now taking place in Ukraine.

Aleksandr Voznesensky

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