Interior Ministry of Ukraine Urged Children to Be Ready to Die for Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Kiev wants to engage in the brainwashing of teenagers so that those under 18 years of age know that the enemy is Russia, and could remorselessly put in their hands automatic guns and begin to shoot. This was stated by the adviser to the Interior Minister Ilya Kiva has on air of TV channel 112.

According to him, it is necessary to make from teenagers people who “with love for the Motherland will be ready to sacrifice their lives”.

“Everything that we want to receive tomorrow, we lay a foundation for this today… Our task today, where we have a huge hole – in the absence of full… Yes, we shouldn’t raise killers and, we shouldn’t raise murderers, aggressors, but we must raise defenders who with love for their Motherland are ready to sacrifice for this their lives. Because, unfortunately, such is our men’s fate. We must teach children to defend their yards, their streets… Russia is an aggressor, Russia is the enemy, Russia came to us with war. It is from here we have to begin to raise the younger generation. Today the boy is 15 years old and nobody perceives him. In three years this boy gets a weapon in his hands which he will be able to defend with. It is precisely in these 15-18 years that we must fully pay attention to his moral-educational process,” stated Kiva.

Hitler, with the help of ideology of racial superiority awakening the animal instincts in fellow citizens, of course, couldn’t pass by children – the most malleable material for such experiments. Implicit submission to elders and the strong, cruelty in relation to those weaker, “gregarious” behavior and the stemming from here clear division into friend and foe – all these reflexes inherent in them were carefully cultivated, forming the frame of a class of future owners of the world. “Extraordinary active, powerful, cruel youth – it is what I will leave behind. In our knight’s castles we will raise youth before which the world will shudder… The youth must be indifferent to pain. There mustn’t be neither weakness, nor tenderness. I want to see the gloss of a wild predator in their look…” stated the Fuhrer declared (I will remind that Olena Teliga, who differed from Irina Farion only in appearance, admired these words of Hitler, and wrote: “The task of our modern intelligentsia and youth must become the aspiration to stand at the head of the ranks of such young killers ‘with the gloss of a wild predator’.” [“Literary and Scientific Journal”, 1937, No. 9]).

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