Internet-Maidan of Poroshenko: “Yandex” & “VKontakte” as Tools for the Redistribution of the Markets

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The news about the blocking in Ukraine of the social network “VKontakte” caused here in Russia an intense sarcastic reaction, but in all seriousness, here there is something to reflect on, and not just to laugh.

I.e., of course, the little jokes about the Ukrainian who explains the purpose of their visit to Belarus — “to change the status, to look at the newsfeed”, have the right to exist. It is possible to rejoice that in “VKontakte” there will be less Ukrainisators, and to mourn that there will be more of them on “Facebook”. Amidst all of this it is easy not to understand the main thing — what, in reality, is going on.

While it is the following that is going on: under the guise of the fight against Russian propaganda and Russian aggression, the redistribution of the markets is provided.

On this day, the sanctions list of Ukraine included 468 Russian companies. Current social networks “VKontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”, antiviruses “Kaspersky” and Dr.Web, the versatile Mail.Ru and “Yandex” services, the dictionary ABBYY, and system of accounting “1C” — all of them and many others only filled up the long list of the Russian companies that are forbidden from working 0n the territory of Ukraine. “Yandex” speaks about the loss of a 11-million user-audience, Mail.Ru lost 25 million users, “Odnoklassniki” — 10 million. There are no doubts that the sanctions list will only grow.

Who will occupy the liberated market?

And who received the released contracts for the Iraqi oil after 2003?

Who bought up Asian companies for nothing after the IMF “Asian tigers” crisis, arranged according to the scenario in 1998?

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In front of our eyes happens exactly what in 2014 Maidan was done for: the market is being liberated from Russian companies — liberated so that others could occupy it. American ones.

It is visually perceivable that the well-known 5 billion dollars which, according to Victoria Nuland’s confession, the US invested in the democratization of Ukraine — is not at all a charity of a drunk well-wisher who incidentally found themselves in the dysfunctional quarter, but the calculated and counted investment of the sober, not used to being in a hurry businessman. Calculated – of course, in such a way that it brought returns a hundredfold.

And at the same time it is obvious that when American officials discuss, appoint, and approve the structure and the leadership of the Ukrainian government, when they enter American citizens into the Ukrainian government, they do it not for the love of art, but because they need a concrete government taking concrete measures in the interests of American business.

At the same time it becomes clear that any claims to the part of Russian society who are in favour of the current Ukrainian authorities [fifth column – ed] is a waste of time. Of course, when in Russia “” and “” [fifth column – ed] are forbidden — they call it the new 1937 [time of repressions – ed], and there is such howling as if the prison van is already underneath the windows. And, of course, when in Ukraine “Yandex” is forbidden (the same as if in Russia Google would be forbidden, you can imagine?), it is nothing special, it is just a free, gravitating-to-Europe country that solves its internal problems. People who think, work, live in the interests of American business, their morals, ethics, and logic submit to the interests of this business — it is not pleasant, but in general it is natural.

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The free and honest competition remained in the same place, where there is a primitive exchange and the “end of history”, i.e. in the imaginations of the economists who aren’t spoiled by an education from the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

As is known by any reader of forbidden now in Ukraine Lenin, world war in a stage of late capitalism is the redistribution of the markets. However, now war in itself becomes the market too. In this case it is not about the redistribution of the existing market, but about the formation of a new one. Of course, the formation of such a market is fraught with thousands of deaths of ordinary people, but it is impossible, as they say, to fry eggs without breaking some eggs.

It is necessary to very much watch closely events in Ukraine — especially because what is happening there isn’t chaos, not a set of accidents, not a natural disaster at all. There — in a chemically pure look and so far without significant failures — the logical plan of the highest level is being gradually realised, which has both authors and a rather material purpose. Moreover, which is being used not the first time and which, it is possible not to doubt, will initiate here and there more than once or twice.

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