“Into the Storm”: A Short Film Devoted to Yellow Vests Act 18 in Paris

French camera operator Julien Rogue, who was present on March 16th in Paris when the Yellow Vests made it clear to Macron that his fake “grand debate” will not succeed to sweep national discontent under the carpet, has made and published a 24-minute film entitled “Into the storm: At the heart of a popular revolution”, the introductory text of which is translated and presented below…

A film created in the heart of act 18 of the Yellow Vests in Paris on March 16th 2019. I bring you with me on this totally incredible day, where chaos mixes with hope, witnessing extraordinary violence, immersion in the heart of Paris, but also, through the spectrum of my lens, to relive this day, which will go down in the history as one of the most violent of the Yellow Vests movement. I wanted to make a summary of what I experienced during act 18 in Paris, but then… I didn’t have the words.

So, in the face of so many things to say and so much to describe, I preferred to leave room for images, showing all that I could film through this film.


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