Iran and Donbass – Why There Was No Loud Chorus of Western Intelligence in 2014

Iran recognised the factor of an unintended human error in the situation with the downing of the Ukrainian plane, calling it a “great tragedy”. Of course, there could be no intent, because it is a civilian plane, and most of the people who died were citizens of the same Iran. And in a country that was a step away from war with the world’s strongest military power, the likelihood of such an incident is very high.

But I’m talking about something else. We (and they) have some “commentators” already rushing to point to the Iranian example in the context of Malaysia’s Boeing disaster over Donbass in 2014: they say the Iranians are able but Russia is not.

And the analogy is just very appropriate. We see how on the very day after the catastrophe in Iran, Western intelligence, including Australian (!) and Canadian intelligence, started to talk about the existence of almost accurate data on the circumstances of the tragedy. The Americans nodded. I.e., it turns out that it is easy to get data in our electronic information world. And the data is not from photos on social networks. Investigation, space, witnesses.

But in 2014, intelligence was virtually silent. There are no data? Was Ukraine less interesting than Iran? The same Canadian intelligence? Not to mention American intelligence with all its interests, plans, and satellites? Do you believe that? And is it not because the investigation still relies not on the photos and data of super intelligence agencies, but on the data of a doubtful “public” bureau registered a few days before the downing of the plane in Donbass – I mean “Bellingcat”?

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You know, Ukraine is right in its own way when it says that the fate of the West is now being decided there. After all, this is a fact – it is precisely the West, not Russia. We have been blamed for everything that it’s possible to blame us for, including even for the outbreak of World War II. Ahead lies only sanctions for Lake Peipus and Ivan Susanin. No citizen of the West will be particularly surprised if it turns out that Russia is involved in almost any tragedy of recent years, decades, and centuries, because the audience of the media there has already been conditioned to think that Russia is evil and capable of everything.

But if the truth about the catastrophe in Donbass, or about the same “heavenly hundred“, is revealed, it will become a scandal larger than Colin Powell’s “test tube”. The West’s authority as the world’s strongest pole will collapse at once. If Iraq openly demands the withdrawal of US troops from its territory, then others there will grow bolder.

Therefore, there was no loud choir of Western intelligence in 2014. Not because they didn’t have the data, but because seemingly there WAS data. And the current voices of intelligence services accusing Iran have become a session of unwittingly self-revelation for the West: when necessary, all data will appear immediately -witnesses, space, intelligence. But only when “needed”, otherwise – “well, it’s not possible….”

Selective action weapons with in advance predetermined targets. Well, let’s take it into account one more time.

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Konstantin Kosachev

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