Iranian Media Foils “Rebel” Information Warfare in Aleppo

By Ollie Richardson

On August 7th, 2016, various reports from US-backed “Free Syrian Army” accounts started to spread information on social media that Ahrar al-Sham had captured a strategic junction in the battle of Ramouseh, near the artillery base. This would signal a further disruption of the Syrian Army siege of south Aleppo. Previously the “moderates” had already claimed to have lifted the siege, but the gap is only 1km wide at the time of writing.

RamousehMap of South Aleppo as of 7th August, 2016.

A photograph of the aforementioned junction was published by Ahrar al-Sham to further give credence to their claim.


But lo and behold, Iranian Al-Alam News Network sent a correspondent to the area (note that Iran is commanding the battle of Aleppo) to prove that the Syrian Army still controlled it, and thus it was nothing but lies:

Despite this faux-pas, the fighting in Ramouseh continues. Once such group that is fighting along side Ahrar al-Sham is the US-vetted Nour al Din al-Zenki – the same group that beheaded a 12 year old boy. Some familiar faces from the beheading video can be seen in the video below fighting the Syrian Arab Army in Ramouseh:

This sort of information spinning is a constant factor in not only the war in Syria, but also the war in Donbass, where information about Ukrainian Army troop losses are skewed beyond the point of objectivity. In fact, in April ISIS pretended that Palmyra was still under their control, using their Dabiq propaganda magazine to promote this pseudo-narrative:


Western media such as CNN, Fox News, BBC, and the countless number of liberal rags like The Guardian all cite phoney NGOs like the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” to sully the actions of the Russian Air Force and the allies on the ground, and now ISIS claim responsibility for lone wolf attacks like Nice that in reality had no real connection to the terrorist organisation. This holographic information manipulation has become a weapon in itself, as the US-backed Takfiris use all means possible to maintain morale inside the Aleppo cauldron…

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