Irina Berezhnaya: Is This What Maidan Was For?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Irina Berezhnaya

Pot-heads [Maidan supporters – ed], I can’t understand why you didn’t say from the beginning that you needed simply this:

  • to ban “Odnoklassniki”, “VKontakte”, “Yandex”, “1C” and “”;

  • to bring down the hryvnia threefold;

  • to raise communal tariffs tenfold;

  • to increase the retirement age to 65 years and in parallel to impose a tax on pensions;

  • to cancel student grants, payments upon the birth of a child, all privileges for single mothers, disabled people, Afghans, and Chernobyl veterans, and also free lunches in preschool institutions;

  • to make 50 banks insolvent, having deprived you of your accumulated savings;

  • to dismantle the police by expelled professionals and appointing instead of them a bunch of tractor operators and waitresses;

  • to release especially dangerous criminals from prison early under the scandalous law;

  • to declare all pure bandits in camouflage as untouchable “patriots” and to exempt from responsibility for any crimes;

  • to disconnect thermal power plants and to leave you without hot water;

  • to forbid world famous Russian classic literature, and at the same time physics and biology, having replaced them with lessons of patriotic education;

  • to completely destroy medicine, leaving you without the necessary vaccines and drugs;

  • to enter data of all dissidents on the murderer website and to keep in fear those discordant;

  • to put in prisons for posts on social networks;

  • to forbid any meetings and peaceful assemblies;

  • to lift the moratorium on the sale of land;

  • to lift the moratorium on the sale of timber;

  • to increase the public external debt threefold and to go everywhere begging cap in hand, at the same time immediately to plunder currency tranches at the speed of light;

  • to spit in your face by publicly declaring everything that was stolen by the millions and as property;

  • and to appoint Georgian robbing gastarbeiters to govern you?!

For what in reality Maidan stood for: Let the $ cost 28 hryvnia! [before Maidan it was ~7 – ed]; I want a $45 pension!; Ban all social networks!; Increase communal tariffs tenfold!

I’m sure you could quietly do without maidans, revolutions, and wars, Yanukovych already with pleasure would have met your demands!

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