Irina Farion: “Russian-Speaking People in Ukraine Are Mentally Retarded!”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The representative of Svoboda Irina Farion called Russian-speaking citizens mentally retarded traitors and the biggest problem of Ukraine. On the air of the “Opposite View LIVE” talk-show she stated that it is precisely Russian-speaking Ukrainians who attracted war to the country.

“Why do they live in Ukraine and speak in occupier’s language? Are they sadomasochists? They like to use the language of the enemy? Putin came to liberate them. They attracted war here! Where do we have war today? There, where there are Russian-speaking citizens. This is the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, as well as Crimea. We have one-third of the occupied Donbass. We have the completely annexed Crimea. Why? There was the Russian church, the Russian culture, and the Russian there. They are mentally retarded, these Russian-speaking ones!” said Farion.

She referred to the data of the supposed sociological research, according to which “5.5% of ethnic Russians live in Ukraine”.

“It is not just ethnic Russians, these are the children of colonialists. These are occupiers on the our land!” noted the nationalist.

Farion added that Russian-speaking Ukrainians are hybrids, and have no right to be called Ukrainians.

“Russian-speaking Ukrainians are the biggest problem of Ukraine. These are backsliders, traitors, renegades. Who prevents you today from learning the Ukrainian language? Your dullness? Your primitivism? Your conformism?… Russian-speaking Ukrainians are not Ukrainians, they are hybrids. Let them approach a mirror and ask themselves why they thus discredit the Ukrainian land?” stressed the nationalist.

She also suggested how to solve the Russian language problem in Ukraine.

“The social elevator will help. Not to give education and work! They will instantly begin to chirp instantly. And not to react to the Russian language. It must be incoherent in Ukraine. Then they will start talking,” summarised the nationalist.

It should be noted that the statement of Irina Farion refers to the research of the Razumkov Center. It follows from it that only 6% of the citizens of Ukraine consider themselves as Russians (actually citizens of Russia). If to apply a similar method when carrying out sociological research in Germany, then there will be no “Germans” in the country.

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