Irrefutable Proof of OUN Involvement in Massacre at Babi Yar

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

Now Kiev is trying to refute the irrefutable – the involvement of the OUN in the executions at Babi Yar. Here is more proof. In front of you is the newspaper “Ukrayinske Slovo” published by a “OUN marching group” in Kiev. The number 28 September 1941, exactly when Babi Yar mass executions began.

And the “Ukrayinske Slovo” is released with a picture of Hitler on the cover and the editorial “For Ukraine, for its freedom,” with calls to help with everything “German liberators”: The struggle, which is now in Ukraine, is a Holy battle! It is the fight in defense of culture and civilizationnowadays by the orders of its leader completes a German soldierUkraine is covered in the fresh graves of her liberators – the German soldiers. Ukrainian black soil, watered generously by the blood of their sons, now also impregnated with German blood. Without this blood, without sacrifice of the German soldier without weapons and will of its leadership, the Holy Ukrainian land be trampled on by long red boots of Bolshevik’s profane“.



Members of OUN continues:the German soldier is a symbol of strength and sacrifice, chivalry and heroism, and National Socialist Germany and its leader is a guarantee of victory and justice, freedom and prosperity. The German sword today decides the fate and freedom of Europe, and therefore our own. And it will solve it!”

And immediately here – the corresponding cartoons.


“In Kiev, Germans will enter as prescribed”

And the call to enrol in the Ukrainian police, with a detailed description of those “heroes”, which already started to round-up Jews in Babi Yar: young people with yellow-blue armbands, cockades, and guns“.

Ukrainian Auxiliary Police is the embodiment of the slogan of the new order,” exclaims the OUN members, continuing: “the German Army liberated Ukraine from a terrible enemy… But the hidden internal enemy still remained. The newspaper calls it right: this are {agents of the Judeo-Moscovite Bolshevism}.”

“The best sons of the Ukrainian nation join the ranks of the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police in order to stage a serious struggle with the remnants of another enemy, write the OUN members. And Auxiliary Policemen finished off the enemy. At Babi Yar. Following the call of the “Ukrayinske Slovo”, edited by OUN members, including Olena Teliga, whose name is now given to streets near Babi Yar. As an insult towards brutally tortured-to-death women, elderly, children there…

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To be continued…

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