Irrefutable Proof That the Galician Uniates Collaborated with Hitler’s Germany

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A video appeared on the Internet that acts as proof that the Ukrainian Greek-Catholics equally authored with Banderists The act of the declaration of the Ukrainian state in 1941 proclaiming an alliance with Hitler’s Germany.

In an archival video Yaroslav Stetsko (Stepan Bandera’s deputy) says that the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Andrey Sheptitsky, Josyf Slipyj, and the head of Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church were coauthors of this document, where it speaks about the formation of a Ukrainian State that “will closely cooperate with National-socialist Great-Germany, which, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, creates new order in Europe and the world, and helps the Ukrainian people to liberate themselves from Moscow occupation”.

“It is surprising for me and all of us that today’s leadership of this organisation condemns this Act and despises its creators,” said a perplexed Stetsko.

Users of the Internet commented on the video, having noted that Ukrainian schismatics were initially ready to cooperate with Hitler, and the only thing that interested their leadership in this case was power.

“We have clear evidence that the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church not only was ready to cooperate with Hitler during the war against the Soviet Union, but also that it itself participated in writing the declaration where this cooperation is directly committed to paper. Taking into account the fact that at the time this Act was written Germany attacked the Soviet Union, it is also proof that the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was a party to the conflict in an alliance with Hitler’s Germany,” wrote Aleksandr Voznesensky on his Facebook page.

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