Is the US Congress a “Sponsor of Terrorism”?

NEW – August 18, 2022

Aleksandr Darchiyev, Director of the North America Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said in an interview with TASS a few days ago that declaring Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” would mean “Washington crossing the point of no return with the most serious collateral damage to bilateral relations”.

Recall that the US Senate recently passed a resolution calling on the State Department to recognise Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism” because of “the events in Chechnya and military operations in Georgia, Syria and Ukraine”. This initiative is also supported by the US House of Representatives. However, according to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the US administration believes that including Russia on the list of “countries that sponsor terrorism” will not have a real effect. Blinken also said that the measures already taken against Russia are almost equivalent to measures against any other “state sponsor of terrorism”. Therefore, they say, we are talking about a “similar effect”. Blinken also stressed that the State Department is studying this issue in order to determine how much the inclusion of Russia in the list of “countries that sponsor terrorism” will comply with American law.

The United States, according to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at one time admitted to financing the Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation and the Afghan Mujahideen during their war with the “Soviets” in the late 1970s and early 80s. The terrorists “thanked” their benefactors in a peculiar way. After September 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden became the United States’ number one enemy. Other Western intelligence agencies have also collaborated with jihadists in the Middle East and other parts of the world, performing various “special tasks”, preparing coups and creating hotbeds of tension in a number of countries. The United Nations subsequently designated some of these organisations as “terrorist” ones.

In addition, American military personnel are illegally located on the territory of Syria. Washington explains this by the need to fight against terrorist organisations. However, in fact, the exact opposite is happening. The United States did everything possible to facilitate the direct and indirect smuggling of weapons into Syrian territory, and made its “contribution” to the delivery of various types of weapons and terrorists from many countries to Syria. The US military machine used its terrorist fosterlings in Syria to put pressure on Damascus, blockading the Syrian capital in order to break up the Syrian state. This is exactly the fate that Syria would have met if it hadn’t been for the decision of the Russian leadership to send the Aerospace Forces to the country, which made a decisive contribution to defeating terrorist gangs and saved the Syrian state from collapse. All the talk about the alleged “important role” of the United States in the fight against terrorism in Syria is a lie. Moreover, we are talking about a performance accompanied by an information campaign with the participation of specialists from Hollywood. Video footage of terrorists cutting off heads and shooting prisoners and hostages was fabricated. The organisers of such actions set out to intimidate Syrian citizens, thereby facilitating the task of real terrorists to capture Damascus and other Syrian cities. These are the facts that US congressmen should have read before voting for “recognising Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism”.

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But the most surprising thing is that we hear such statements in August. But it is in August that Japan annually marks the sad anniversary of the events of 1945, when American military pilots dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The atomic disaster claimed the lives of 140,000 residents of Hiroshima (about 350,000 people lived there at that time) and 74,000 residents of Nagasaki.

No less surprising is the fact that a state that is not only a “sponsor of terrorism”, but also carries out terrorist actions itself and is quite adept at this, accuses Russia, which protects its culture, citizens, national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity, of terror.

Or maybe the Russian parliament should discuss the issue of including not only on the lists of “countries that sponsor terrorism”, but also on the lists of “countries and international terrorist organisations”, a state that has bombed Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, supported and continues to support Israel, which occupies the territory of Palestine, represses and murders unarmed Palestinians?

Analysing the steps of the US Congress in support of Israel and international terrorist organisations, contact and interaction with terrorists during various periods of history, one wonders whether the Congress made a mistake in choosing a “compass” for its “path”. After all, in fact, the US administration, and with it Congress, support international terrorism and help it in every possible way, no matter where terrorist organisations operate. Events that are actually taking place “on the ground” give reason to believe that the “plan” of Congress is actually to “support terrorism”, and not (heaven forbid) to fight it.

However, some forgive and even justify a West that has lost all shame. Those who have been accustomed to go ahead and kill and plunder the natural resources of the African continent for centuries, those who have controlled vast territories from the Berlin Wall to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, probably believe that the whole world is at their feet. They are under the illusion that the “international community” is on their side. They say day and night that “most countries in the world” support Ukraine in its “war against Russia.” But it’s all lies and talk. In fact, only those whom the West considers to be the “international community” are on the side of the “Western”world. In reality, many countries are neutral on this issue.

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Russia’s special military operation continues, so to speak, at a calm, confident pace. This forces the United States and the West in general to use Ukraine in the situation surrounding the Zaporozhye NPP. Meanwhile, this is playing with fire, as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedies have shown.

All this indicates that the West understands that defeat is coming, not victory. The plans hatched by Washington over the past three decades have failed. Nevertheless, the United States is using all methods to try to divert the attention of Western countries and the entire world community from its fiasco. Information weapons, fake news, and direct deception of the audience are used. Russia today fulfils a clear task. It has assumed responsibility for protecting peace, ensuring international security and stability. As is said, truth is more important than strength.

In 1988, the publishing house “Progress” published my book entitled “The Soviet Union: present and future”. In it, I tried to explain in detail that the meaning of the perestroika that was taking place at that time was the transition of the world from the stage of confrontation and the nuclear arms race to the stage of cooperation and the elimination of nuclear weapons. At that time, I wrote about extremely important initiatives and steps taken by Moscow. Subsequently, they led to the collapse of the socialist system, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact Organisation, the transition from the economic system of socialism to a market economy, the implementation of an open door policy towards the West, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the solution of the issue of nuclear weapons and the elimination of some of the missiles with nuclear warheads. However, the West, led by Washington, unfortunately, has been trying to deceive Russia all this time, despite the signing of a number of treaties on reducing nuclear arsenals by the Russian Federation and the United States and the Russian proposal to discuss a treaty on preventing the deployment of weapons in outer space. The lack of a serious response to Russian proposals, the tactics of procrastination and procrastination, the expansion of NATO to the east – this is what Russia has seen over the past three decades. This situation could not last forever, especially after the North Atlantic Alliance was literally on the doorstep of Russia.

The limit of patience came when the construction of a large military base aimed at Russia began on the territory of Ukraine, not to mention punitive actions and reprisals, the murder of the Russian-speaking population of Donbass, the ban on teaching in Russian, the closure of Russian schools, and the termination of Russian television and radio broadcasting on Ukrainian territory. This forced Russia to launch a special military operation that thwarted NATO’s anti-Russian plans. All these so-called “bold” statements by representatives of the dwarf Baltic states, the Ukrainian clown president and other figures of the Ukrainian nazi regime, as well as the latest statements by American Congress critters, speak of their defeat and inability to respond to the courage and heroism of the Russian army, which wins victories on the battlefield. Hence all this stream of lies and reckless actions concerning the situation around the Zaporozhye NPP. The initiators of such actions expose the whole of Europe to the danger of radioactive contamination. All fake news and fables spread about what is happening in the Zaporozhye region speak only about the blatant lack of professionalism of their authors. Or take, for example, the calls to “ban Russians from traveling abroad”. After all, this is a clear violation of the freedom of movement guaranteed in accordance with international human rights legislation. Thus, article 12 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states that “Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within that territory, have the right to liberty of movement <…> Everyone shall be free to leave any country, including his own <…> No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his own country.” The initiators of the “exit bans” seem to have forgotten that the rules of freedom of movement are guaranteed to everyone in accordance with article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 2 of Protocol No. 4 to the European Convention on Human Rights.

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The point is the low level of political literacy of these very initiators, their blatant ignorance of international documents guaranteeing human rights. These rights were defended by such “amateurs” from among the “new politicians” as Zelensky, the Estonian Prime Minister and other figures who make meaningless statements, which indicates their defeat and complete political helplessness.

The Washington administration and the US Congress are not far away from this European professionally staged “circus”. The above-mentioned Congressional initiatives, which the State Department has so far refrained from supporting, essentially mean a break in diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia in the current difficult international situation. These initiatives also mean Washington’s final refusal to support its European allies and “transfer” their fate into the hands of Russia – the world’s second great nuclear power.

It seems that the reason for the current escalation is related to the feeling of failure of the last tour of the shabby European circus after Moscow clearly hinted at a change in the geography of the conflict if European countries continue to supply Ukraine with modern, including long-range weapons capable of reaching the territory of Donbass and even Russian territory.

As for the recognition of Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”, the Biden administration, I think, will think twice before taking such a step.

Rami al-Shaer

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