Is There a Heinous Act Navalny Hasn’t Perpetrated?

In general, if Aleksey Navalny can be of at least some interest, then after today it is only entomological. Try to say offhand what abomination, baseness and vileness he has not yet committed?

The reputation of a fighter against corruption was firmly appointed for him. Appropriation and spending donations on personal needs. Planting information fakes for money with a subsequent loss in court. In 2016, the Swiss prosecutor’s office did not proceed with the complaint of the Anti-corruption Foundation against the son of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. In 2017, after another “investigation”, Alisher Usmanov filed a lawsuit against Navalny (and won). In 2018, Mikhail Prokhorov filed a lawsuit for the protection of honour and dignity and won the trial.

With the same outcome, trials were held with the head of the Moscow Department of Transport Maksim Liksutov, the secretary of United Russia Sergey Neverov, deputy Aleksey Lisovenko (libel case), Senator Dmitry Sablin, deputy chairman of the Moscow City Duma Andrey Metelsky. And in the end, Navalny hit the jackpot by concocting a false “investigation” on the topic of nutrition in schools, where just left-wing photos from the Internet were used as facts. Lyubov Sobol and the “Anti-corruption Foundation” hasn’t yet repaid the debt to the holding company of Evgeny Prigozhin (almost 30 million each).

Navalny the person is even worse and nastier than Navalny the specialist.

Poison a woman? It is easy, just remember the People’s Artist of Russia Tatyana Vasilyeva. A pregnant woman? We have already written above how Navalny’s accomplice Sobol pursued a pregnant Margarita Simonyan.

Insult and humiliate a veteran of the Great Patriotic War? He’s been doing it all day today [February 5th – ed] in the Babushkin Court. Brazenly, swaggeringly, without showing the slightest remorse. Constantly calling the old man a “puppet”, “grandpa”, he brought him to the edge and an ambulance was called.

I would like to appeal to those who came out to the streets for him on January 23rd and 31st. Watch carefully: here he is, the leader of the “Beautiful Russia of the Future”, hysterical and spluttering behind the glass. Is this the “future” you want for yourself?

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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