Ishchenko on the Donbass Blockade: The UAF Is More Likely to Support Nazis Than to Fight for Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Ukraine the blockade of Donbass organised by the deputy Semenchenko and so-called veterans of the “anti-terrorist operation” continues. Today the “blockade headquarters” reported that their outpost were subjected to armed attacks, and there are wounded.

The sides of the conflict have different versions of events concerning the attacks: one side claims that the attack was committed by the staff of the private security company of local oligarchs, another side thinks that it is disguised militants who act on the orders of Kiev, and the third is sure that locals arranged the revolt. The correspondent of iReactor asked the well-known political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko who really attacks the participants of the blockade, and whether it will lead to open military actions between Kiev’s troops and “veterans of the anti-terrorist operation”.

“I don’t know who attacked them and it’s not important. There are no open military actions between the official Armed Forces of Ukraine and the militants who are carrying out the blockade, and they try to avoid this. But I am absolutely sure that the attempt by force to unblock trade happens according to the direct instruction and approval of Poroshenko, because the blockade itself is directed against him. And, accordingly, people who attack outpost, irrespective of the blockade, be it the staff of security companies, disguised security officers, or employed fighters, etc – these actions happened in Poroshenko’s interests and had his approval. Poroshenko wants to avoid direct accusations that he uses an army of so-called activists because it is guaranteed that it will lead to a confrontation between the Kiev government and nazi battalions. As these nazi battalions are a part of the UAF and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and, in general, have considerably big support there, more so than Poroshenko, troops will turn their back rather against Kiev than against them. That’s why Poroshenko will try to unblock the situation using the hands of some unknown alternative activists”.

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