How ISIS Became the Hated Enemy of the Sunni Community in the Middle East

Translated by Captain Ahab


By Elijah J.Magnier

Iraq’s parliament finally approved, with a majority of 228 deputies, coming from every Iraqi sect and ethnic group, the “PMU” law based on the provisions of the first item in article 61, and the third item in article 73 of the Constitution. (PMU) is now part of the Iraqi armed forces – an Anti terror task force – and is attached to the office of the commander-in-chief, i.e Prime Minister Haidar Abadi, for the time being at least.

The resolution emphasizes in it’s fifth article that “the PMU and its affiliates cannot participate and should distance themselves from all political and social activities and are not allowed to engage in politics”.

They are “to defend the Iraqi state from ISIS attacks (Islamic state) and all other forces hostile to Iraq and its new political order … and they will be held accountable under the rule of law in case of violations”.

The coming together of the PMU began when ISIS occupied Mosul and northern Iraq in mid 2014, the highest religious authority in Iraq Imam Ali al-Sistani called upon the people to take up arms and go to fight ISIS in order to stop their onslaught. At the time he issued a fatwa “Jihad Al-Kifa’ie” (i.e until the numbers are completed for the task at hand) after “ISIS” had declared war on all the countries surrounding Iraq until the “Caliphate State” is established presumably over the dead bodies of muslims of all sects and all who disagreed with them.

Those who did not vote in favor of the “PMU” law or resolution are the Kurdish block that is beholden to Barazani and Usama Al-Nujaifi’s block, because they are the proponents of the federalization of Iraq to a Kurdish state, and another state in Anbar and Salah Al-Din, which is what the US had planned earlier during the invasion.

So were it not for “Daesh” there would be no “PMU”. Were it not for “Daesh” Sunni areas would not have been attacked, which is where “Daesh” strongholds are, like Hamdania and Tal Afar, Sinjar, Mosul, Baaj, Hatra, Shirqat, Tikrit, Samarra, Qaim, Fallujah, Haditha, Ramadi, Hilla, Abu Ghraib and many other towns and cities.

In those areas, fierce fighting destroyed livelihoods, farms and property and many lost their lives, cities were occupied. All these areas were home to multi ethnic and multi confessional communities. Under Daesh’s guise of “Defending the Sunnis”, the Sunnis have paid a high price, I suggest that there will not be another ISIS, simply because it has been such a bitter experience for all Iraqis, Sunnis included.

Thanks to “Daesh”, the “Salafist movement” has been criminalized in the West, the West does not distinguish between the Takfiri exclusionist and puritanical ideology, and the normative school of Salafism which does not approve of ISIS. Thanks to “Daesh”, noises grew louder in France, America, Britain, and in the world against Islam, and Islamophobia gained steam. And now it has become a tool for those who want to climb up the ladder of power. The candidate who plays the card of expelling muslims or deporting them from Western countries becomes eligible for high office.

Thanks to “Daesh”, Americans were encouraged to issue the “JASTA” Law, which puts on trial countries and governments based upon the crimes of their citizens. The fingers have already been pointed towards the Gulf states for their support of “Jihadists”, which  in effect puts their bank accounts under the microscope. Thanks also to “Daesh”, regional and international forces have come to fight in Syria , where more than 70% of the population is Sunni, the cost of destruction of buildings and infrastructure has been estimated to be more than $200 billion and has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians and combatants.

Under the guise of fighting against “Daesh”, “Hezbollah” entered publicly into Syria along with Iran, Turkey has also sent it’s forces, while Russia came in with her huge military capabilities, whereas the US built airfields in Syria and pushed in their special forces, along with Britain and France in Northern Syria.

Thanks to “Daesh”, it has become a criminal offense to check out websites that promote ISIS propaganda material for fear of “lone wolves” that have hit both the Arab and Western societies.

Thanks to “Daesh”, budgets collapsed and tons of money have been spent to fight the organization and more will be spent for the reconstruction of infrastructure and homes that were destroyed by the war. All of that pales to the impossible task of mending the hearts and souls of victims of ISIS, dragging people from their homes, and the enslavement of women – even those that were married. They have committed every possible crime that would and did tarnish the reputation of Islam, and it has become a requirement of every muslim following every terrorist attack to apologize for the crimes of ISIS that kill more muslims in one day than they kill non-muslims in an entire year.


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