Israel Shamir: Killers of Mozgovoy Were Hunting Tsarev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Gennady Korban, a Ukrainian politician from Dnepropetrovsk who is now living in Israel, with a rich criminal past, a former associate of the oligarch Kolomoisky, and one of the winners of the February coup of 2014, who promised to hang all Russians in Ukraine, was arrested a year ago by the Ukrainian security service and the police on the suspicion of committing a number of crimes, and during his arrest, he lost his smartphone.

The smartphone appeared to be chatty – it told many juicy stories about the life of Korban, and in particular, about his involvement in the murder of the legendary military commander of Donbass Aleksey Mozgovoy. (Meanwhile, Korban received a half a year conditional sentence, and since then complains of poor health, as is customary for Ukrainian-Jewish businessmen under investigation).

One of the finders of the smartphone passed on to me the text messages found on it – remembering that I had cooperated with Wikileaks during the publishing of State Department emails. We give you the texts unchanged, even without correcting grammatical and spelling errors. Our comments are in [square brackets]. (Stalkerzone doesn’t include the square brackets in order to avoid confusion – ed)

It turns out that on the territory of the DPR the terrorist group associated with Korban was acting. They were hunting the speaker of Parliament of Novorossiya Oleg Tsarev, and at the same time killed Aleksey Mozgovoy. According to the leader of the terrorist group, it is precisely with Korban that the Novorossiyan people had to negotiate. However, we are talking about May 2015, and since then much has changed.

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Here is the exchange of information on the messenger service WhatsApp between Korban and the figher with the nickname Volk from Donbass (his call sign and telephone: Volk Donbass+380xxxx):

05-23 2015 22:21 Received
Korban, I  ask you to not reprimand me, I’ve warmed up a bit. We blew up the leader of the gang Prizrak Mozgovoy, and together with him put down six of his guards. I was sat here too long  so I warmed myself up, but I will not go anymore on the other side. How are you? Take me as soon as possible from here, or give me work here in the region.

05-23-2015 22:22 Received
Korban needs a tally, so that’s why I did Mozgovoy

05-24-2015 00:19 Received
I’m interested – is Petrov against us or is it technical? If he is against us it is bad, we need to bomb him.

The next night Volk proudly reports:

05-25-2015 01:38 Received–partizanyi-teni-popali-v-okruzhenie.htm

The link leads to a lengthy publication, where, in particular, it is written:


Volk passed to “Obozrevatel” information about the elimination of Mozgovoy and the situation at the moment.

“Regular reconnaissance and sabotage group of the partisan unit Teny containing three people went on a free raid. Near the exit of the village of Mikhailovka they planted two mines MON 50 near the junction on the outskirts of the village… When the Toyota Sequoia appeared we detonated under the car via the phone, and at this time the car that accompanied it – Zhiguli VAZ 2104 – was before the corner, and during the explosion stopped, that’s why he was not near but was on the road and was destroyed by our heavy fire during the retreating of the group. After the explosion of the car of the terrorist Mozgovoy, eliminated together with him were his Press Secretary, a driver, and two guards… Volk”

And the next day

05-25-2015 15:42 Received

Threats to the leadership of Donbass

05-25-2015 15:48 Received
We are respected, chief. You could at least praise me_ I tried so hard. At their place (DPR – ed) there is terrible hype. We put down the main one, but I was hunting in reality Tsarev _ but his turn will come _ the most interesting things is that only you can stop us _ there is such a feeling that ours do not understand to who they have to run.

Three days later:

05-28-2015 11:30 Received
Good afternoon, Korban. Chief, when is it possible to get paid to continue working? Can you tell me If I can come to Kiev _ I can also come to Dnieper as it’s better for you. And please, I want to see you _ I need your advice please .

Two days later:

05-30-2015 09:52 Received
Good day. If the oligarch Igor Petrovich Palitsa will be removed, is it already a declaration of war against Igor Kolomoisky? The big release of incriminating materials is being prepared against you, and the game will go on black _ arrogant deceitful and despicable _ hold on, Korban, and don’t react on this. In this way they look at your reaction _ if you will not react they will calm down, but if you do they will drag you into an information war and will try to rock the boat. Also high-profile arrests are being prepared at customs of Odessa and in tax somewhere in Ukraine for removing the people of Kolomoisky from their posts  This is their second step, but something else is being prepared too _ hold on.

An after later:

05-30-2015 10:56 Received
Korban, tell me if I’m unwanted, I will look for another job _ now the first day of the month will suit me, I have to leave for another place _ it is undesirable for me to appear at home, DPR people are searching for me there _ Uzbeks revealed where my family lives. You just tell and that’s all, it’s true that I’m really grateful that you believed in me and took me on for work, but things changed and everything went not as planned.

In the evening of the same day:

05-30-2015 21:25 Received
Sorry, maybe it’s none of my business, I ask that someone stands next to you in public places with a legal education. Attempts at provocation are possible, and let this person deflect everything and take the load himself _ For you it isn’t possible, there presstitutes and others will provoke you . The same for Kolomoisky, he is honest and sharp and this pedorast knows it and then present this as they want.

And then the short answer

04-30-2015 23:02 Send Ok

On this material it is possible to find Mozgovoy’s killer – who the DPR intelligence was hunting, and who was “revealed by the Uzbeks”, they probably know. There are other interesting materials that we will publish later. However, it must taken into account that the telephone was in different hands, and it is impossible to guarantee the absolute reliability of the information received.

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