The Israeli Connection: Ukrainian Radicals Suspected of Using Chemical Weapons During Odessa Massacre

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian authorities try to cover up the traces of those responsible for the tragedy on May 2nd [2014] in Odessa, by transferring material evidences to Kiev and back.

This was stated on the air of the talk-show “Special Correspondent” by the head of the social movement “Union of Mothers of Ukraine”, the retired Army Colonel Galina Zaporozhtseva. According to her, there is a basis to believe that people in the Odessa Trade Unions Building died not so much because of arson, but because of damaging chemical substances.

“We have evidence of the involvement of SBU employees. They were there, they observed and supervised. It is pointless to draw any conclusions without chemical or biological examination. Previously we, indeed, paid attention to the fact that these people received some burns that aren’t consistent with arson. Maybe they are chemical or phosphoric. But it is not a fire, otherwise the clothes would burn. While there was only the skin was affected,” said Zaporozhtseva.

She also doesn’t trust official data about 47 victims, and believes that there were much more.

“I was in Odessa at this time, I came into the Trade Unions Building, and saw holes from bullets that were fired from the street at those who were inside the Trade Unions Building. I saw the immured door. Literally on May 4th the door to the cellar was already immured – the one where people rushed. 47 people is official data. We don’t know how many people were in the cellar, and already on May 4th this door was immured. Why immediately after were journalists allowed to enter, who trampled on the traces of crimes, which should have been recorded during an inspection of the scene. Why was this four-storeyed building where this crime took place examined only in one day. I.e., it was necessary to gather material evidence, while they were engaged in destroying them,” emphasised Zaporozhtseva.

“In three years an investigation wasn’t conducted, but only material evidence is gathered, and it’s us who gather it. They destroy them, constantly transferring them from the region to Kiev, from Kiev in the region. They’re naive, they think that we will not have copies – we have everything for the court case, which will be over these murderers and accomplices of these murderers. We will present all material evidence of it,” promised the retired Army Colonel.

As a reminder, at the time the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov spoke about a video filmed by British journalists on May 2nd, 2014, in Odessa.

“Right after the Odessa massacre I reported about the curious Israelis who direct participated in the events on May 2nd. If you remember, I reported about a video that a British journalist filmed in the center of Odessa using Google Glass. In the crowd of Ukrainian nazis, at this time a group of English-speaking foreigners appeared, one of which declared to the journalist that this group directly participates in these events (he declared it openly). Moreover, he spoke in brisk English, and reported that he is a citizen of Israel and the US. And suddenly he realized that he was being filmed, and hushed up, his English suddenly sharply ‘deteriorated’ and he left. His hands were in rubber gloves, and his accomplices held some test tubes, small bottles, and packages in their hands.

When I reported about this video, I was suddenly attacked by different sides. At first I was told that I invented everything and no video with Israelis existed. When I finally showed this video, where the guy unambiguously calls himself a citizen of Israel, they started to shout at me: apparently, what ever he said it doesn’t matter, and in general, he is most likely an Arab, and not a Jew (as if somewhere I said something about his ethnos)…

Well, coming back to the topic, here I found some photos of this Mr by the name of Gonen Siboni. In the first one he is Odessa on May 2nd, 2014. And in the three others —in 2008. Well, well, what uniform does he have here? Palestinian or indeed Israel Defense Forces?

Anticipating a new ‘and what?’, I want to note immediately: At that time I didn’t claim that this fighter of the Israel Defense Forces is guilty of something, and now I don’t claim it. It’s quite possible that he, being a medical student, incidentally found himself in a crowd of rioting Nazis, and started helping the wounded (as he later claimed himself). However, a number of legal questions arise. For example, why were they walking in Odessa with medical equipment, in rubber gloves, from where did they foreknew that there will be wounded and killed? Or why did this fighter suddenly sharply forgot his English when he understood that he was being filmed?

At that time, in May, 2014, I recommended to obligatorily interrogate these fighters of the Israel Defense Forces in order to clarify their role in events (once again I will emphasize: Siboni himself told the journalist that he participates in events!). Eventually, it is indeed the Ukrainian SBU who stated that during the burning of Russians in Odessa, a certain strange chemical substance was used. It is reasonable in this regard to ask a question to Israelis – what is this substance in their flasks and small bottles for, right? And what do you think, did someone interrogate this activist? Oh, I very much doubt it,” wrote Kornilov on his blog.

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