Israeli Defence Forces Instructor Revealed How He Helps the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Ukraine it is planned to create a Jewish volunteer organization that will help Ukrainian military personnel.

This was stated by the military instructor and former serviceman of the Israeli army Tsvi Ariele in an interview to “Apostrophe” about the reasons for his trip to the zone of the so-called ATO, which he visited last month.

“We went in a small group there. I have such a comrade, a very interesting person, Pavel Feldblum. He arrived in Ukraine recently. He is a native of Ukraine, but for a long time headed the Moscow Jewish community, was one of the leaders of the Russian Jewish congress, and so on. At a certain stage he had to leave because of his political views — as a publicist. He openly criticized the Russian authorities. Pressure began to be put on him there. And he came here.

And so Pavel asks: and what we can do for Ukraine? We together decided: now it is Pesach, we will go and we will bring matzo to the Jewish military-servicemen. In addition, I know from experience that not only Jews love matzo, everyone love matzo, it will be eaten very quickly. That’s why we brought much more than the Jews need – and distributed it far and wide. We came to three units, and also handed it out to other ones. We provided them with matzo and other religious and material accessories, we listened to what the guys need, what is necessary for them from a material point of view. And we gave rise to the idea to create a purely Jewish volunteer organization that would help ATO members, help various units. I won’t reveal all the plans yet. But we are already looking for means to buy and to bring there, to Donbass, what was asked for,” reported the former Israel Defense Forces member.

“You will give help not only to Jews, but to all the military?” asked the edition.

“Everyone, without referencing ethnic character. To specific units. But those who will give money – we prefer to be Jews,” noted Ariele.

As Politnavigator reported, the executive vice-president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine Josef Zisels reported that fighting on the side of Ukraine there are “guys with Israeli passports”.

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