It Is for Such A Europe That Ukrainians Killed Their Compatriots in Donbass & Burned People Alive in Odessa?

The last time I was in Odessa it was May 2013. “What will be – will be” was already hovering in the air. Not far from my former apartment on Sadovaya Street, which went on a long voyage of illegal resales after the raider captures of the beginning of “Ukrainian independence”, a young girl handed out to passers-by St. George’s ribbons for the day of celebration of May 9th. She was from that layer of the Odessa youth who still managed to absorb stories of grandfathers and great-grandfathers about that war in which the united Soviet people gave 27 million lives for the right to be free.

A vague premonition of trouble like an invisible burn ran like an instant current in my mind when I took the St. George ribbon from her hands.

But it was too late, and there are no coincidences in this life. Besotted with anti-Russian propaganda, Ukraine was traveling along this path long before its “independence”. The CIA, together with the collective West, made enormous efforts already since the times of the Soviet Union in order to make lace panties and European shop windows shining with artificial lights became for brainwashed Ukrainians more important than human life and that for these “values” it became possible to burn and kill. And if Ukraine bit on these “values”, if it believed Western propaganda and ideologues of Ukrainian nationalism, then it means that the prerequisites for this existed.

But since this world tends to perfection, and however paradoxical it may seem, the conclusion is simple — sooner or later Ukraine was inevitably destined to plunge into the sh*t up to its ears through its own experience in order to come to purification. Everything that was not solved in the past returns even after centuries.

It is the unawareness and ignorance of history, multiplied by a giant, but unrealised inferiority complex in relation to Russia, that threw naive to the bone Ukraine into the arms of the wild West. A typical example of the Oedipus complex is when a pre-pubescent, cutting himself off from his father’s roots and common history, seeks to kill his father and seize his power, and in our case — also a new “European identity”.

This is how an inexperienced girl falls into the arms of the first comer. This is how a fly thinks that it sat on the jam…

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In order to know the West, it is not enough to come to see its shiny shop windows and visit its Gothic attractions. One needs to live in it for a long time, to get into its skin, to rub against all its roughness, and most importantly — to get to the unknown-to-the-eyes backyards of its foreign policy, which determines its internal one. The French revolution did not change anything — the country moved from capitalism to… capitalism.

“Metro, boulot, dodo” (metro, work, sleep) — this is a widely used phrase that determines the rails on which the working mass is put from the very beginning of its labour activity in France. The elite, which makes up 1% of the population and puts in its pocket all the wealth of the country, through its own media, moronic TV programs, endless advertising of new cars, Americanisation, and lies about foreign policy, keeps the population in a state of sleeping cattle, not daring to raise their head and wish for anything other than material consumption.

You will never see the truth on French TV about how Ukraine is shelling Donbass or how their philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy preached on Maidan for the European choice of Ukraine, calling for the overthrow of the legitimate President, while in France he also said that the righteous anger of Yellow Vests, who have already drunk from the cup of patience from bellicose capitalism, is a fascist movement and spoke in support of Macron.

The trouble with brainwashed Ukraine is that it completely ignores what lies behind the artificial glitter of the Parisian shop windows.

It was here in Paris that I saw for the first time in my life homeless people sleeping outside the walls of fashionable buildings. It is very easy to become homeless — you lose your job, your house goes under the hammer, you have huge debts, your wife leaves you, and you are already under the bridge.

The migration policy comes to the ridiculous — former migrants from countries colonised by France are outraged by the arrival of new ones, from those countries where France carries out its secret wars or where it came uninvited, leading a double game and supplying weapons to jihadists. These migrants receive even more benefits than the native French.

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It’s not for nothing a whole “pedagogical” system to teach the French TOLERANCE (or the same liberalism) was developed, sounding day and night in a subliminal form from all the mouthpieces of local propaganda and helps the system to focus the attention of the plebs only on those aspects of life and politics that are beneficial to the state.

We must be tolerant towards the fact that segregation between the haves and have-nots has reached a gaping chasm, that our taxes pay for the deaths of the children of Donbass, Syria, and Yemen. To the fact that poor people have to feed on products stuffed with antibiotics, nitrites, nitrates, and other junk, while for the powers that be there are “biologically pure products” that are much more expensive. Here I remember the story of Vladimir Vysotsky, who during his first visit to France was so amazed by the abundance of food in the local supermarket that he brought up the contents of his Soviet stomach right on the Paris sidewalk.

But back then France still had the franc, the abolition of which entailed that all the rules were to be dictated by Brussels. Back then, French farmers did not commit suicide because of the inability to sell their products for the proper price in their own country, as they do now because of the influx of cheap Spanish vegetables and fruits. Back then the children of farmers living near the fields, not yet sprayed with pesticides regulated for the whole European Union, were not born without legs and hands.

The very existence of such products says a lot. Pharmaceutical lobbies rub their hands, inventing new molecules for chemotherapy every day. War is not necessary, capitalism has a huge experience of profiting from human grief and the regulation of the population. The uneducated and uninformed laypeople will swallow everything for the sake of healing — the system of national education does not teach to “learn” as it was conceived in the Soviet Union.

Here children will first of all be taught tolerance to other manifestations of sexuality in comparison with the classic one, and their parents will be imposed in an official manner a new formula for the registration of the birth certificate of their future children: now instead of “father” and “mother” it will be written “parent number 1” and “parent number 2” in order to “not offend” the minority of LGBT… And tomorrow, who knows, not to offend the rights of humanoid robots, who also wish to have a special status. Liberalism attacks and alters the very human nature, depriving the person of thousand-year references of morality, and all this under sweet sauce in order to make them kinder and more tolerant to their own kind.

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It’s hard to find a more perverted method.

We are systematically trained to be tolerant of our own destruction, without noise, without weapons, with our own hands.

I noticed that many people in France are sitting on Prozac, feign unprecedented activity, or thrust themselves into the esoteric. A subconscious response to not being ready to know the truth and face it.

It is for such a Europe that you, brainwashed Ukrainians, killed your compatriots in Donbass and burned people alive in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, because via their truth and knowledge inherited from their grandfathers and fathers, these people prevented you from obtaining lace panties and to later find yourself with a bare ass. But only your own experience is valuable. You, like the French Yellow Vests, have to go through all the lacy charms of the capitalist looking glass. But the French yellow Vests are already burning the flag of the European Union and with all their forces want to get out of it, while you are only just at the preparatory stage, assuming that the EU will even exist in the near future. But what will be, will be.

Angelina Siard

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