It Looks like Nuland’s Cookie Stocks Were Opened in the United States

To say that I watch the events with satisfaction is to say nothing. The democracy that the Americans have sowed for so many years worldwide has finally come home.

17 states, 25 megalopolises. About 1700 detainees. Hundreds of burned enterprises. Hundreds of robbed shops – in Minneapolis alone the retail chain stores of “Target” lost two dozens stores, and everything inside them was removed, from potato chips to TVs. Thousands of looters, from California to New York. There were the first dead police officers and members of the secret service, as well as several attempts to storm the White House while the president was still inside.

It is impossible to call it a Maidan in the true sense of the word – no political demands have been made, and different groups of the establishment are still only trying to flip the situation in their advantage. Biden is outraged by police lawlessness, and Trump declared anarchists and Antifa as terrorist organisations.

The Democrat media already depicts Trump’s demands to bring order to the country as a call to carry out executions in the street – and if things go further, then these calls become all the more real. The National Guard, army, and intelligence agencies have been mobilised, but the protests are not only not subsiding, but are growing – there are too many people in the country who want to loot under the cover of fighting against the police.

The police, frankly, cannot cope with the task, the number of videos showing police cars and stations on fire are multiplying by the hour – moreover, in the same Minneapolis freedom fighters already burned five or six police departments.

Already almost nobody remembers the pandemic as if it never happened – all TV channels show the battle between mutineers and the police. There are no outright and lengthy firefights yet, but one should doubt that they can begin either. Especially touching against this background are the tweets of the US President about all sorts of ugliness in Hong Kong, although there has never been 1/100th of what is happening today in the homeland of democracy.

Now the police are remembered for everything, from Martin Luther King and Angela Davies, to George Floyd. In the area of Pennsylvania Avenue, near the White House, there is a huge amount of anti-Trump graffiti and the words “I can’t breathe”.

Now whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, and even Indians are on the streets. All the movements that would otherwise have no chance of participating in political life are also on the street – they are trying to organise a protest and steer it towards a power struggle. However, it isn’t working, since in the USA there are no US Embassies, which would coordinate the activity of different groups of freedom fighters – but democracy is confidently striding across America, igniting more and more regions.

And here is a good time to remind that the “shining city on the hill” is a country with the most number of prisoners per capita in the world. And here gangs are such an habitual phenomenon that it already is a part of the American way of life. And for gangs it’s an incredibly good time to take full control of new neighbourhoods, especially those with affluent populations. Country of dreams, country of opportunities. Dreamland.

I even am afraid to imagine how many billions of people look at the events in the USA with delight worldwide today – and what is happening on the national Chinese social networks is even impossible to guess – there the festivities have been going on for five days, since the beginning of the first riots in America. It is much better than the lunar New year, the Chinese could not even dream of such performances and attractions online.

Not only the the pandemic has been consigned to the past by the five-day fighting, but also the economic crisis: when in a country with 178 million jobs there are 40.7 million new unemployed in only two months, it is a real powder keg that can detonate from any spark. This time the public murder of a jobless black became the spark – and it was enough for hundreds of thousands of people to protest and loot hundreds of shops.

Meanwhile, the crisis has not gone away, but its first serious consequences will come later. The fact that now in the country there is already not enough meat is a mere trifle. But the fact that the further fall of the stock markets may well begin with the mass bankruptcy of insurance companies is much more serious: two-three more weeks of such riots and the insurance industry won’t need to be reanimated, but buried. It is possible to do this even with the anthem of Ukraine – for this purpose it is ideal.

After insurance companies banks can also plunge, since insurers keep their “honestly earned” money in them – and the withdrawal of a huge amount of money for compensation for insurance cases is another “pleasant” surprise” for Trump. However, this applies to the Democrats too – if they come to power, they will need to mop this mess.

When on January 2nd of this year American democracy killed the Iranian general Soleimani near the Iraqi international airport of Baghdad, I even then assumed that at that moment Trump had lost the 2020 election.

However, I could not have imagined that this would be followed by such an incredible chain of events – a pandemic, falling markets, a price war in the oil market and mass riots in the United States – each of them happens with a probability of once every 30 to 50 years, but then they all converged in one year – 2020. Six months has passed since the moment of Soleimani’s death, and the world has already strikingly changed, nobody desires to buy American treasuries, and previously unprecedented quantative easing programs have almost no effect on anything.

It seems that the looters first found and plundered the Victoria Nuland cookie warehouse – and incredible freedom simply swept America off its feet.

The demon of democracy finally returned to its place of birth. Welcome home, my dear!

Oleg Adolfovich

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