It’s a Shame Not for the Russian State, but for Russian Society

It is a shame not for the state, but for our society. In a very short time, including yesterday and today in Russia:

1. The “Angara” heavy launch vehicle, fully equipped with Russian components, was successfully launched into space without the participation of Ukraine, the EU and other countries.

2. Yesterday, the new MC-21-310 aircraft assembled in Irkutsk, with Russian engines, made its first flight and is preparing for mass production.

3. On December 16th, at the airport in Zhukovsky the new passenger regional turboprop aircraft IL-114-300 made its first flight. It is also completely Russian. But the most important thing is something else: the Russian aircraft industry, which was killed in the 90s, is being revived.

4. A little earlier, the first Russian “Aframax” supertanker, the largest in the country, was finally completed at the “Zvezda” shipyard in Primorye. Tankers of this size were not made even in the USSR, its displacement is 114,000 tons, its length is 258 m. In the coming years, “Zvezda” plans to produce more than a dozen of these vessels.

The implementation of each such project means hundreds of thousands of jobs. This is hundreds of billions of investments. This is the country’s technological security. This is the income of people in the regions, not in Moscow. Although in Moscow, too. this is our science and our design idea. Of course, this is a mockery of the term “gas station country”.
But the Internet will not talk about this, but about the video of a blogger with a vagina on his chin.


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