“It’s cancer. They will all die, there are no options”: The Statement of the Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Aleksandr Linchevsky in the Audit Chamber of Ukraine said during his speech that allocating funds for the treatment of Ukrainian cancer patients abroad is inexpedient, since a quarter of patients will die anyway.


This was reported by the Oncological website of Ukraine, which uploaded a shorthand report of the speech of the deputy minister during consideration of the report on the results of an audit of the efficiency of use of the funds of the state budget allocated to the Ministry of Health.

“Concerning efficiency. Concerning the non-effectiveness and non-economical use of money. At the end of the day, 25% of patients, in fact, die. I.e., treating every fourth one abroad is inefficient.

Friends, colleagues! This is cancer. All of them will die. All of them will die without options. And the efficiency of this program is zero.

These are problems. I.e., these oncological diseases, which actually demand the transplantation of marrow, come to an end with death. Sooner or later. Neither the transplantation of a kidney, nor the transplantation of a heart prolong life for a long time,” said Aleksandr Linchevsky

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