It’s Time to Throw Facebook Out of Eurasia

NEW- September 6, 2022

The social network banned in Russia continues to poison the brains and souls of Belarusians and Kazakhs

As everyone knows, the most popular international social network Facebook was banned in Russia relatively recently. It has never been known for its sympathy for Russia and Russians. They say that the team of moderators there consists entirely of citizens of Ukraine. At the beginning of this year, American censorship crossed all boundaries, discarding freedom of speech and elementary rules of politeness that are probably unnecessary in the current geopolitical reality.

Me and most of my real and virtual friends almost simultaneously opened channels on “Telegram” and switched to the Russian social network VKontakte. It is basically similar to Facebook, and habit, as is known, is second nature. And in terms of relations, I lost quite a bit. Initially, VKontakte was a social network, primarily for young people and teenagers. Political scientists, traders, macroeconomists and other adults held Facebook in high esteem. This is how it has historically happened. Now VKontakte has a more serious audience. The prospects of the company, from my point of view, are not bad and I think I will even invest part of my savings in VK shares, as well as other leaders of the sector: shares of “Yandex” and “Positive Technologies”. The outstripping dynamics of the profitability of the IT index in August over the Moscow Exchange index confirms that this is a good investment idea.

However, leaving Facebook still created some problems. And they concerned contact with journalists and just with good friends from Minsk, Astana and Baku. The status of the last two capitals has grown significantly on the world economic map against the background of sanctions against Russia. For my friends from Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, Facebook has remained the main social network and means of communication, they are not going to switch to VK. I had to use a VPN in order not to lose contact. In principle, not a very big inconvenience.

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However, there is a more serious thing. The Russian language is still the main thing that holds the post-Soviet space together. And the social network banned in Russia continues to poison the brains and souls of Belarusians and Kazakhs. And then we, like children, wonder where sympathisers of Kiev come from. From Facebook. Russia’s information security policy should not be limited to Russia itself. Belarus and Kazakhstan are members of the EAEU and the CSTO, they depend heavily on Russia. I think Moscow is simply obliged to ban the hostile social network in the main allied countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our intelligence agencies will easily cope with this.

It’s time to throw Facebook out of Eurasia!

Aleksandr Razuvayev

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