Exhibition in Ivano-Frankivsk: Soviet Mines Used in Donbass Presented As “Russian”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, the motherland of the “real Ukrainian patriots”, in the framework of the popular holiday in honor of the day of defender of Bandera State, just outside the town hall there was an exhibition of weapons used in Donbass by the “heroes of the ATO”.

It should be noted that the festive events in Ivano-Frankivsk started in a fashionable and creative way, in the spirit of “patriots” and literally with a bang. At 2 a.m., on the same day, a local succumbed to the overflowing of his desire to be in Europe, and threw a grenade at the door of the office of the special observation mission of the OSCE in Ukraine in the city center.

The population reacted to the incident without enthusiasm, because all are already tired of constant “victories”. After all, the Kiev power have already forgotten about the residents of Western Ukraine. She just used them at the right time in order to get this power, and now she doesn’t need them.

While Ukrainian mass media enthusiastically presented to society an atmosphere of celebration. And we can understand them, because they are still needed by this power to maintain a certain informational noise in society, until this society open’s its eyes to what is happening in the country.

At the exhibition of the “national industry” there were many different weapons, including some rare ones. However, I was attracted by one of the improvised stands, which flaunted a variety of mines including a Soviet-made anti-tank TM-83 and TM-72.`

In my memory immediately surfaced the curses and unfounded allegations of Ukrainian media, that they send to Russia over the past two years, referring to her in no other way than “aggressor”.


Kiev constantly accuses Russia of supplying weapons to Donbass. A screenshot of an article in “Dialogue”

Periodically in these screams and overstraining, the TM-83 mines, which Russia allegedly supplies to Donbass, appeared. The fact that the Ukrainian “patriots” do not have a good memory and, like fish in an aquarium, tend to forget what happened yesterday, is already obvious. However do not think that all people suffer from amnesia. Many know that there are many “goods” like that in Ukraine (TM-83 and TM-72 mine) in their own depots.

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In January 2012, in Odessa a gang of international terrorists led by Doku Umarov was arrested. The criminals were planning to assassinate Vladimir Putin. So, these amateurs of pyrotechnics also planned to use TM-83 mines, which obviously wasn’t from the Russian depots.

With regard to TM-72 mines, in the area of so-called anti-terrorist operation, they arrive by trains from the depots of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, then are delivered to the mining locations by trucks and dumped into piles, after which they are loaded into army trucks. The detonators are inserted into the mines during the movement of the truck, directly in the back of the truck, and are scattered in the fields of Donbass.

Ukrainians unload mines

It turns out that Ukrainian “patriots” and other Russophobes more and more resemble a maniac cannibal, who is standing over the bones of a man eaten by him and “cries” for the public, trying to blame his crime on someone else.

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