Jailed Journalist Evgeny Timonin Has Been Brought to a Deplorable Psychological State

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The oppositional journalist and former employee of independent Ukrainian “Channel 17″ Evgeny Timonin in one and a half years in a pre-trial detention center has been brought to a deplorable psychological state.

This was reported by correspondents of “Golos Pravdy” with reference to friends and the journalist’s acquaintances.

The authorities have not let Timonin and his colleague Dmitry Vasilets out from the pre-trial detention center in more than one and a half years without any judgment – just every two months the period of detention is prolonged. Both are accused of “working for the enemy” for a series of reports about lying on Ukrainian television.

So that the oppositional “Channel 17″ could not cover the trials in the air – he was morally-destroyed by “activists” under SBU supervision, and the equipment and studio were destroyed. In addition, the SBU permanently called journalists of “Channel 17″ in for interrogations. It led to the fact that most employees, including leaders, under pressure were forced to write letters of resignation. Even the Supreme Court decided to judge political prisoners of journalists far away from Kiev!

There is no journalist solidarity in the country – the denunciation to the SBU of Dmitry Vasilts and Evgeny Timonin was written by employees of “1+1”, after all (before arresting) the investigation of Vasilets showed a list of their lying programmes on this TV channel. He uploaded them to the website “Media lustration”, and handed to employees of “1+1” the “Goebbels’ Award”.

Behind the arresting of journalists are the authors of the TSN-Tizhden program Alla Masur, Sergey Galchenko, Valentina Mudryk, Lyudmila Badalyan, Elena Kuznetsova, and Maryana Bukhan.

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As Timonin’s acquaintances say, now all court sessions are closed. Political prisoners “are simply transferred from the cell to the court cage, and back”:

“They can’t see in court either their family, or those who came to support them, as well as the video cameras that broadcast a reminder of their existence to us here in the free world.”

According to them, Evgeny “is brought to a deplorable psychological state” and refuses to accept any parcels in the pre-trial detention center from strangers:

“The parcel can be sent by anyone – both by Maidan members, Nazis, and SBU members themselves. He trusts only his cellmates. It is like this that our people are mocked in Ukrainian prisons! I will note that this is a pre-trial detention center, a place where any person can themselves in, and to which even the court hasn’t pronounced a ‘guilty’ sentence to yet. In Ukrainian prisons there are thousands of political prisoners now. God grant them to hold out and not to break”.

As a reminder, earlier Dmitry Vasilets said that SBU employees took away passports from his elderly parents, and he himself is frightened that he will never be released from the pre-trial detention center. Also there is only one condition for release: to give false testimonies against his colleagues – other independent journalist-investigators.

Judges evade consideration of the case, understanding that there is no crime component. And the staff of the SBU are present every two months at hearings in order to “help” judges to prolong the unreasonable measure of restraint — detention, referring only to the “dreadfulness of the accusatory article”.

At one of the last court sessions Dmitry Vasilets appealed to the public:

“Petro Poroshenko said that for him freedom of speech is when each person can state their point of view even if this point of view will not match his point of view. And that supposedly for the sake of this he is even ready to die. I’ve sat [in the pre-trial detention center] here for one and a half years for the fact that my point of view does not match the point of view of the President… It seems to me that freedom of speech for Petro Poroshenko is when it is possible to speak freely with cellmates, with the convoy that transports you to court, and to speak during the hearing.”

Vasilets reminded that in Ukraine now there are a lot of political prisoners in Ukraine (according to Centre for Freedom of Speech — more than 4000):

“And it is very frightening. Because every day the repressive apparatus arrests someone. Such news passes along a normal line on the air of media. Their names are not mentioned, to see them and visit them at court is impossible. We can only state statistics – now there are too many people that are discordant with the authorities… Thousands of people who languish in the pre-trial detention center — the OSCE doesn’t come to them… And in each indictment there is marasmus”.

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