Jean Lassalle After Syria Visit: “It Must Be Explained to the French People Who We Sold Arms to”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As a guest on LCI only moments after returning from Syria, the deputy Jean Lassalle voiced his point of view on Aleppo, and attacked those who accuse him of being on the payroll of Bashar al-Assad. According to him, they betray the French people.

Jean Lassalle did not appreciate the criticism. Having traveled in Syria and to Aleppo, accompanied by the deputies Thierry Mariani and Nicolas Dhuicq, the presidential candidate voiced his point of view to LCI on the local situation after meeting president Bashar al-Assad on Sunday. Being invited on the morning a few moments after his return to France, he explained his approach: “I am not a judge in The Hague, my duty is to go and see it first hand”.

“What I have seen is cataclysmic,” he continued. “It is a city that begins to exit combat, death is everywhere, and at the same time – life and hope (also). Men and women come back from all sides”. When asked about the testimonies of atrocities committed on the residents who do not want to go back to Aleppo, the deputy of Pyrenees-Atlantiques replied that this is “not at all” what he saw.

“It must be explained to the French people who we sold arms to,” said Jean Lassalle.

Accused by some, such as the socialist deputy Sébastien Pietrasanta, “of supporting this regime of barbarians (one of Bashar al-Assad)”, Jean Lassalle denounced these “indignant” words. “They will continue to assassinate me and to tell stories, but during this time history is being made there,” he answered.

“We contented ourselves, except for a few, by dividing, deceiving, and betraying the French people on television platforms”, he said angrily.

The deputy also wished that the question of the role of France in the fight against terrorism will be invited into the presidential debate.

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“It must be explained to the French who we sold arms to, to whom we continue to sell and why, while we know absolutely that they are behind Daesh”. Jean Lassalle cites Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that the suspicions of them financing jihadist groups are relayed by experts, but are contradicted by the French government.

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