Journalist Elena Subbotina Described SBU Torture in Mariupol Airport

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the territory of the Mariupol airport the SBU tortures people who it suspects of “separatism”. The methods of torture are reminiscent of the torture by fascists during the Great Patriotic War. This was stated by the Mariupol activist and journalist of the Ministry of Information of the Republic Elena Subbotina.

“To catch ‘separatists’ is their main task. Moreover, they make arrests without basic verification, especially those who have relatives, friends, or connections in Donetsk. The first thing they say at a meeting: ‘If you don’t begin to speak, we will take you to the airport’. The airport is like a terrifying story, which people are frightened of. If a person is taken there, they understand that they may not come back,” noted Subbotina.

According to the people who were released and returned to the DPR, says the journalist, it is possible to say that on the territory of Mariupol airport a real concentration camp is organized.

“There are huge industrial refrigerators, they put people in there and activate the freezing setting – this is a kind of torture they apply. Another kind of torture is waterboarding. They connect an electric current literally to all parts of the body and send an impulse, pulling out the nails. A huge number of people are subjected to these methods, some survive, some don’t,” stated Subbotina.

As a reminder, residents of Mariupol spoke about the torture and atrocities conduced by the Ukrainian punishers. Torture taking place in relation to residents of Donbass was declared by the chairman of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine Fiona Fraser.

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