Journalist Irina Laschkevich’s Address to Ukrainian “Patriots”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Irina Laschkevich

I want to address Ukrainian “patriots” who still shout the “Crimea is Ours” and believe in the victory of the UAF in Donbass. You know about the war in Donbass from the Ukrainian sewer media or from the embittered displaced, eager for a god-send. I want to tell a story. Your conclusion “you yourself are to blame” – shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. You trust the likes of Mustafa [Nayyem – ed] and Blyakher [Boris Bereza – ed], and you don’t trust me – a Ukrainian. I will say to this – I deeply spit on your conclusions.

2014. Children were playing at the football stadium. The UAF started to bomb using heavy artillery from Pesky. 16 hours, daylight. Neither military personnel nor equipment were in this area, however, like during all bombings of residential quarters of Donetsk. Children died, they were torn into pieces by shrapnel. Many children received shrapnel wounds. I helped to collect the pieces of children so that they weren’t eaten by dogs at night… It was one of my most difficult days of the war. On the ninth day I came to the stadium, met parents of the deceased children. The father of a killed sixteen-year-old boy took out a handkerchief from his pocket, carefully unraveled it, and said: “look, I found another piece of my son’s skull, I will go to his grave to bury it”.

I was shaken… I will remember this little piece of a child’s skull for the rest of my life.

You won’t be forgiven, nothing awaits you, these people don’t understand how it is possible to live with you – savages – in the same country. Such is the truth.

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It is possible to shout until you pass out “Crimea is Ours”, but it is also possible to understand: Crimea will never be given to you – mad bulls. I didn’t jump on Maidan, I didn’t take a weapon in my hands during all the war, I saw war from this side. You are idiots. Natural idiots in embroidery. You were made idiots by those who you brought to power. There is no pity for you, as there can’t be pity for psychos, who want to chomp away at their own hand.

In the photo the father holds a piece of the skull of his deceased child, in the second photo there is the passport of the boy who received a shrapnel wound and miraculously survived. There was a little icon in the passport, the shrapnel couldn’t pierce his heart.

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