Judeobanderist Aleksandr Roytburd Suddenly “Descried” Fascism in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



“Odessan ‘artist’-Maidanist Roytburd learned sensational ‘news’: it appears that ‘Svoboda’ is a fascist party! What a sensation he dug for himself, however!”
wrote Vladimir Kornilov on his page on Facebook.

“Interestingly, he didn’t know this when, together with Svoboda members, he jumped on maidans? I remember that then he quite justified them and spoke about how correct these guys were.

But I was struck by especially this passage: ‘Svoboda’s fascism (which is inflated, if to trust rather plausible information, using the Kremlin’s cash) already harmed Ukraine and resulted in thousands of corpses (do I need to offer a reminder about how the ‘Russian spring‘ begun?)’. Just wow! I.e. he knew all this time that war, which took away thousands of lives, is the work of the hands of Svoboda members, who allegedly are working for ‘Kremlin cash’? He knew and supported this war?!

And why, according to him, did the Russian Spring begin? Until today I thought that it started from this same Maidan, which Roytburd so furiously supported. And from the Odessa massacre, which he so rejoiced in. I remember at the time he said: ‘May 2nd is not the day of mourning, it is a Day of Victory: Ukrainian patriots saved the city from a big trouble’. But it is these ‘patriots’ that he now recognises as fascists, right?

Just some kind of coming-out! Probably, the ‘artist’ decided to move to Moscow. Usually the sight of such ‘artists’ clears up only in this case …”

Aleksandr Roytburd

Elena Lukash: Nazism in Ukraine

“Bad news. It’s not nationalism. It is neo-nazism. Forbidden by the laws of Ukraine”. Such a thing was descried by the artist Aleksandr Roytburd in his country.

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He became fed up with the attacks of xenophobes and anti-semites, with their “nostalgia on gas chambers and furnaces of crematoriums. The semi-official glorification of a Holocaust”.

And when he fervently supported Maidan, he didn’t see this. He wasn’t confused neither by chants about “Moskals on knives”, nor by right-wing radicals.

And the violation of the law didn’t disturb him much, he waited for a leader who “would assume overall responsibility for any development of events, up to an exit from the legal framework”, otherwise “in a week we will become a province of Russia, and a politician with the name Putin will become the head of Ukraine.”

Everything came true! And the leader appeared. And we didn’t become a province of Russia. We became a Khutor that is dependent on the IMF, with the ideology of nationalism. Not the one that has the defence of national interests at its root, but venal, with the musty smell of Nazism.

In the days of the Odessa massacre the artist actively banned “bastards” who were indignant at Ukrainian fascists and reminded him “about lamp shades from the skin of my ancestors”.

And don’t say anything to “Judeobanderists” about Nazis. They don’t see them. At all. Only now some of them begin to see clearly when it is directly said to them that they very much hope “to work with the furnace”.

At the very beginning of the 30’s in Germany nobody could foresee that “national romanticism” will develop into frank Nazism.

Among Jews were also those who took part in the “national regeneration” of Germany. Only the few intellectuals could descry the arrival of nazi totalitarianism. Those who understood left in time and saved themselves.

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It seemed to the rest that Hitler came not for long, that the escapades of hooligan nazis are the remnants of the national revolution, that soon politicians will quell them and restore the order of the Weimar Republic.

How and where the lives of the majority of them ended, we know… The crash of illusions came quickly.

In 1933 the Dachau concentration camp appeared, where communists, journalists, priests, and others unworthy of the Aryan race were sent. There awful medical experiments were made.

The democratic Weimar Constitution was also sent into the furnace of history. It is in the same way that our Constitution is also cynically raped more than once, especially concerning the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Now the authorities have other reference points. They honor Pylyp Orlyk’s pseudo-constitution of 1710.

“Our ancestors in fact already formed the republican-democratic manifesto. The manifesto that for many years was ahead of its time,” wrote Poroshenko on Facebook.

In this manifesto “democrat” Orlik directly points out that it must be forbidden for an infidel to live in Ukraine, and especially “Jewish” evil faith.

Many don’t see or don’t want to see how in the country the brown plague spreads, when every day lies are poured into their eats according to all laws of Goebbles propoganda.

Poroshenko: “We together build Ukraine where there is no place for anti-Semitism. Thanks to Ukrainians and all nationalities for fantastic unity”.

Fantastic unity, unprecedented freedom of speech, a strong European State – all of this is about the certain country “neverland”About a magic one that nobody saw, but heard many times in the lying speeches of politicians that should hypnotize the population. They dexterously lull it and give direction — “to sleep”.

One of the prisoners of Dachau was a pastor, the author of the well-known lines “First They Came …”

“First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist…”

It is about how non-resistance to Nazism comes to an end.

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