Kaczynski May Derail the Habsburgs’ Plan to Create a New Europe

It is believed that the protests in Poland, which began after the tightening of legislation on abortion, may lead not only to the resignation of the government, but also to the complete removal from power of the ruling Law and Justice Party (Pis). Poland is not Belarus – it’s not possible to remain in power through police batons for a long time there.

Riots in Poland started after the constitutional court of the Republic issued a decree on October 22nd, tightening restrictions on abortions. Poland already had the toughest abortion laws in Europe, and now abortion is almost completely banned. Exceptions are cases of rape, incest, or threats to a woman’s life.

Of course, this would not have happened because of abortions alone. The fact is that the right-liberal eurosceptic “Pis” party in power has already tired many in Poland.

The party of Jarosław Kaczyński, the brother of Polish President Lech Kaczyński, who died in a plane crash near Smolensk in 2010, pursues a right-wing conservative policy as much as possible within the framework of modern liberalism. At the same time, the party is heading for an exit from the European Union (Polexit). “Pis” president Andrzej Duda won the 2020 presidential election with 51%. I.e., only just.

The main opponents of “Pis” are the pro-European left-wing liberals, personified by the “Civic Coalition”. Its candidate in the presidential election was Rafał Trzaskowski, who holds the post of mayor of Warsaw. In other words, the opposition has the majority in the capital. The opposition insists on all well-known modern “European values”, such as anti-clericalism, LGBT rights, reception of migrants and other tolerasty.

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At the same time, Poland is a key element in the plan to create the so-called Intermarium. This is an association of countries, which is planned to include all the “new Europeans” from the Baltic to the Black and Adriatic seas. In the future, even Belarus. For Poles, Intermarium is the embodiment of the dream of “Poland from sea to sea”. But since the Czechs or Croats do not care about Polish dreams, the initiative is framed as an “equal confederation”.

In reality, the Intermarium project has a second bottom. Austrian. In fact, this is the rebirth of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But in order not to frighten the “new Europeans” with unpleasant memories from the past (read Švejk), Poland was put forward.

Don’t Polish liberals dream of “Poland from sea to sea”? Here’s the question. Maybe they do. But the conceptual basis of Intermarium is precisely conservatism. Resistance to the liberal Satanism that has engulfed western Europe. Countering the erosion of European nations coming from waves of migrants. If the right loses power in Poland, the Intermarium project may collapse.

Intermarium is a project of the old European aristocracy, offering to rely on the former socialist countries, which (thanks to the damned communists) preserved real European values, and rebuild Europe in a new way. Without those countries that will inevitably cease to be European in the near future.

In Poland, the project’s home country, the right is teetering on the edge of a foul. The ban on abortion may be the last straw that will deprive them of power, after which the entire project of rebuilding “white” Europe will fly into the abyss.

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