The Key Points of Putin’s Address to the Federal Assembly

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On 01.12.16, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

The text was very dense and rich in meaning. Anyone who wishes to look at it in its entirety (who have not yet seen it yet) can do so. I will raise the points that I think are key in my point of view.

1. Putin once again emphasized the inadmissibility of rewriting history. According to his words, it is professionals who should be entrusted with history, and at the same time to do it delicately and with respect for our history and all its periods.

Very clear emphasis was made on this, because after the failure of previous attempts to split Russian society, today attempts are made to split it according to the directions of interpretations of history, to split Russia into white and red, into monarchists and Bolsheviks, into “Normans” and “Fomin’s theory”, into Orthodox and neo-pagans.

This is not the only area that Russian society is being shaken up, but as a specialist in information wars I see that precisely in this direction the efforts at destabilization in recent times has increased significantly. And the Kremlin is aware of this danger.

2. Putin noted that the consolidation of Russian society in the face of external (and not only) threat and the high level of government support, but noted that this does not entitle the officials and deputies to relaxation, in the contrary, it should lead to an intensification of their efforts in order to improve the lives of citizens in order to justify such trust.

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A significant portion of his speech amounted to the enumeration of problem areas that Federal and local authorities must focus their attention and efforts on.

3. There was absolutely nothing that said “everything is lost, the money has run out”. In the reserve funds of the government there is the equivalent of over a hundred billion dollars and nearly $400 billion in gold reserves.

All sorts of liberal “experts” like Zhukovsky and Demura, who during the year professionally spread panic and frightened the Russian people with crises and disasters, will break down again. It would be better to find normal work, like street cleaners or road workers.

Especially that in Russia in the next two years, according to Putin, it is planned to repair almost half of all roads (so for the “experts” there will be vacancies, they have to be in a hurry because the Tajiks will take them). Somehow it doesn’t like the actions of a country “torn to shreds” and/or suffering from a lack of money in the economy.

Also again, the funds allocated for the beautification of yards and land near houses, and for sports and children’s playgrounds, and so on were increased. Damned tyrant, with all his forces, tries to make people’s lives better and bribes the population to stop them rebelling and overthrowing him (sarcasm).

4. On foreign policy. Putin said that 25 years after the end of the Cold war was lost by the fault of some “Western partners”, and we again forcibly came back to the East/West opposition in world politics.

I would like to add that the United States behaves like a petty pickpocket in the market. Having shouted, “look, Russian aggression!” they dip into stranger’s pockets and intrude into other countries. The thief always shouts louder than others “Stop thief!” and the main aggressor on the planet tries to intimidate everyone with fictional stories about the aggressiveness of Russia and China.

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In short, Putin’s speech can be hyperbolicised into the idea “While abroad they’re jumping, waving clubs and spears, we have to reform education and medicine, repair roads, and to continue the exploration of deep space”. War or no war, we have our lunch like clockwork.

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