Kharkov: The 83-Year-Old “Spy of Putin” Mekhti Logunov Remains Behind Bars

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


It is for sure already known that 83-year-old Mekhti Logunov will spend the New Year’s and Christmas holidays behind bars. The Kievsky district court of Kharkov prolonged the term of his detention under guard until January 18th, 2018.

The investigators of the SBU “sew” to Logunov – the well-known Kharkov scientist and inventor, candidate of Technical Sciences – Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: treason. And they do it carelessly, with coarse threads.

As the lawyer Dmitry Tikhonenkov stated during a court session, they came to arrest him under another article – the well-known “separatist” Article 110, but even a first-year student of a law faculty of any national academy understands that corpus delicti under these articles doesn’t overlap in any way.

This means that, at least, during the re-qualification phase of the case Mekhti Logunov shouldn’t have been in custody. Besides this, such a turn of events says that the aim of the SBU was not establishing the truth, but to simply lock up the respected man.

Despite his age, Logunov at the time of landing in jail was actively engaged in inventive and entrepreneurial activity. He developed technology for processing solid waste, which Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Russia became interested in. Unfortunately, the scientist failed to implement it at the place of his residence. Answering a question about this in court, he noted that instead of accepting his ideas, “only corrupt offers arrived”.

The prosecutor longly and in detail told the participants and guests of the court session how Logunov was going to transfer military secrets to Russia; how, concerning this, he found himself a helper; and how he put on a flash card information about the confidential development of weapon armour. And not only leaked it to the electronic carrier of State secrets, but also to the SBU, which came to take him and confiscated it.

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Mekhti Logunov affirms that was going to take on a certain Kravchenko for work as an expert, and expected to see from him not the development of armour, but completely different information that isn’t a State secret. So the snitch framed both the prisoner and State bodies.

They say that now they have a lot of work to do to declassify and study the confiscated contents, and that whilst this is ongoing they don’t want to release a prisoner to freedom.

The investigator and prosecutor motivated their desire to prolong the measure of restraint by saying that until they have finished investigative actions, the scientist must sit in jail. And the judge agreed with this.

How dare she disagree anyway! After all, not only the accused, the investigator, the prosecutor, and lawyers were present in the hall. The hearing was open, and characters in camouflage came to it. On their chevrons it was possible to read about their belonging to so-called “territorial defense”.

At the head of the delegation of stormers, which took up almost all the places in the hall of court sessions, was the former head of the Kharkov regional office of “Right Sector” Andrey Sanin. A year ago he left this same jail after Dmitry Yarosh, but as we have learned by bitter experience, there are no “former” ideological nazis. And if they aren’t in the official structure anymore, it doesn’t mean at all that they are completely useless.

And the judge understands this perfectly. After all, she has a family, and she isn’t under around-the-clock protection. And even if she was, who says that during the appearance of the stormers burly security guards would act according to orders? For example, the Kharkov police didn’t defend neither citizens nor offices against the attacks of the same “Azov”. So, you understand how the court decides…

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