Kharkov Residents Are Waiting for the Russian Army, Liberation From the Banderist Occupier

NEW – July 28, 2022

Sinegubov and Terekhov do not calm down and gush with new ideas, inventing all new cons. Now there are two talking heads in Kharkov – the mayor of the city Igor Terekhov, and the head of the military-civil administration Oleg Sinegubov. The others are silent, like fish, as if they are not there.

Kharkov residents themselves call the current situation in Kharkov one word – DEPRESSION. Moreover, this applies to everything – social services, utilities, work, in general, life in the First Capital resembles a swamp with a rather specific smell.

The current Ukrainian government has turned people back to basic needs, which are becoming more and more difficult to meet every day. No one is happy with the flowers of Terekhov, and especially many are now still annoyed by the new idea of Sinegubov and the same Terekhov – to build reinforced concrete public transport stops, ostensibly for the safety of citizens waiting for transport. The locals have already dubbed them “stopping pens”.

This is how they schematically try to depict these very ” concrete pens” in Kharkov

Kharkov residents understand that these concrete monsters are not about people, they will be additional firing points, several hundred of which are going to be made in the city of Kharkov. Naturally, this is, among other things, a good scheme for extracting money from the city budget, which the local authorities in the city have always been very fond of doing. And there is also a panic among the authorities before the rapidly approaching autumn and then winter cold.

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A “Winter” headquarters has already been set up in the city to prepare for the heating season. The fact that the treasury is empty is no secret to anyone, but Terekhov and his accomplices decided to take advantage of this. They decided to squeeze out the local thermal power station No. 5 from the current owner. The owner of this station is a certain Swiss citizen, but everyone in Kharkov knows perfectly well that the object is actually owned by the former regional, and then “fierce oppositionist” Yury Boyko. Here, under the guise of this situation, they want to squeeze out thermal power station No. 5. And settle scores with a political opponent, and make money – what else can be expected?! I am sure that the Kiev authorities will support them in this with joy.


Local people write about the great risk that pipes in houses may freeze due to the fact that many apartments have no windows after explosions, and these windows cannot be inserted due to the absence of owners in the apartments who have left for these 5 months around the world, and not the fact that they will return in the foreseeable future. Since the radiators can crack from the cold, water from the heating system can flood all the apartments located below, that is, if the radiators on the 16th floor flow, then all 15 lower floors will be flooded, and flooded with boiling water!

Many Kharkov residents are very quiet among themselves, but they are increasingly talking about the situation in Kupyansk, which has been liberated by Russian troops for several months, and the situation there is radically different – the city lives a fully peaceful life, everything works, pensioners receive 10,000 rubles, and everything – and regardless of the length of service and other circumstances. Utility bills are already coming in with amounts that are several times smaller than in the rest of Ukraine, which is still under the control of the Kiev regime. More and more often people ask in surprise – why, it was possible?!

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Apparently, it turns out that it is possible. It’s just that there have always been too many people who want to pocket people’s goods on the cash flows that serve the municipal sector in Ukraine.


Many people in Kharkov are still somehow saved from starvation by volunteers, that is, non-governmental organisations. The government in Kharkov, as well as throughout Ukraine, is no longer able to do anything. However, volunteers alone will not be able to solve all people’s problems.

Everyone in Kharkov is already well aware that the city will be liberated, and they really want this to happen as soon as possible, even before the onset of an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe.…

Aleksandr Kondrusik

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