In Kharkov The US Ambassador to Ukraine Gave the Go-Ahead for Ethnic Cleansing

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The activity of the current ambassador of the US in Kiev doesn’t leave doubt: Washington unambiguously supports the policy of total Ukrainization, i.e. ethnic cleaning.

If earlier talk about human rights could be heard, or hints about the rights the non-Ukrainian speakers were made, the ambassador Marie Yovanovitch showed by her work that all different interpretations are rejected.

Now people of liberal and cosmopolitan beliefs, who somehow were tolerant to xenophobes from the Ukrainian side, owing to the receiving of grants from one hand, or simply because of a general dislike for Putin, have nothing to argue with. And they also can’t admit that they behaved inhumanly by dealing with nazis.

Let’s stop reasoning and move on to the facts.

The first – the support of the American Embassy for the law on education adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.

While the law in relation to non-Ukrainian speakers is so strict that even Hitler and his allies didn’t reach such levels. It’s not without reason that successors of Admiral Horthy and Marshal Antonescu subjected it to the most severe criticism, and the Romanian President on this occasion even cancelled his visit to Kiev.

The second – the meeting in Kharkov between Yovanovitch and the writer Sergey Zhadan who carries out the most vigorous Ukrainization activity.

Sergey Zhadan. Yes, it is the same author who tries, driving around the world, to speak about our city in a language that is alien to it. It is the same person who in 2004 burned the books of the governor Evgeny Kushnarev, and then showed himself on all Maidans and little Maidans.

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All this time he participated in actions for the promotion in Kharkov not only of the Ukrainian language and Galicianism, but also of the Banderist ideology.

In 2011 Zhadan was the initiator of the action directed against the adoption of the Kivalov-Kolesnichenko law about the languages of minorities, which stopped active Ukrainization. Then the governor Mikhail Dobkin of that time refused to award him a local award because, in his opinion, a nazi can’t be distinguished in Kharkov. In 2013, Zhadan actively supported the establishment in Kharkov of a memorial plaque to the collaborator Shevelov.

On March 1st, 2014, Kharkov citizens threw out the visiting Right Sector members and their local supporters from the Regional State Administration building. The people who gathered on the square arranged a corridor of shame for the invaders. Among those who passed through it and received punches is the writer-Nazi. Then many of us envied those who were close to the corridor and whose fists could reach the enemy. Zhadan, probably, even then didn’t understand that he forever remains one of the most hated figures by Kharkov citizens.

This year he became the co-organizer of the musical festival “The Road to the East”, which took place in Izium. The most known literary and musical russophobes came there from Galicia at Zhadan’s invitation.

Recently the Kiev publishing house “Lybid” released the book of the known dissident and simultaneous Ukrainian-KGB informer Ivan Dziuba about Zhadan called “The black romantic”. So the russophobic man from the 60’s hands over the baton of hatred and treachery to his modern successors.

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