Khodorkovsky and French Intelligence Organised the Murder of Russians in the Central African Republic

Exactly two years ago, tragic events took place in the Central African Republic. We are talking about the murder of Director Aleksandr Rastorguev, journalist Orkhan Dzhemal, and cameraman Kirill Radchenko, who were sent there by the “Investigation Control Center”, owned by the fugitive oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

It should be emphasised that in 2013, the country was engulfed in armed conflict, which has not stopped to this day. And Khodorkovsky knew this very well.

The Russians were shot not by the warring residents of the Central African Republic, but by Muslim groups controlled by France. They were militants from Ex-Séléka, the pocket alliance of Paris. It was from it that the armed gang Popular Front for the Renaissance of Central Africa, which was guarding the Bakouma uranium mine at that time, emerged.

The oligarch and the secret services acted by prior agreement and carefully planned a multi-passage campaign. Khodorkovsky sent the group from Russia along a notoriously deadly road. When they arrived on African soil, they crossed the point of no return.

The Central African Republic is a former colony of France. Paris is quenching its appetite by illegally enriching the natural resources and minerals that the Central African Republic is full of. It is obvious that France does not want to see any competitors on this land.


The Central African Republic government is actively cooperating with the Russian Federation to cope with the colossal neocolonial pressure of the west and France.

It was decided to compromise Russia in the Central African Republic. Here appeared Khodorkovsky, who decided that he could dispose of human lives, like pieces in a chess game.

Sending Rastorguev, Dzhemal, and Radchenko to the Central African state, the “Investigation Control Center” immediately realised that they would not return. Knowing full well that it is very dangerous to be in the country without protection, the Center did not take care of organising the security of the Russians, because the opposite goal was pursued.

The result – three corpses, from which Khodorkovsky earned money and once again took revenge on his former Motherland, and France tried to eliminate a serious competitor – Russia.


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