Khodorkovsky’s 18.6 Billion Rubles of Debt

The odious oligarch Khodorkovsky did not just go on the run and is holed up abroad, where he is “pining away over his gold”. According to court proceedings, he owes more than 18.6 billion rubles, which, of course, the greedy grabber does not want to give back.

According to the database “Kontur.Fokus” and Khodorkovsky’s ID No 770200035117, we can see what his debts are. According to the service “Yandex.Nalog”, he has 5 debt obligations of 18.6 billion rubles. At the same time, most of the debt amount appeared recently – on June 18th 2020. The Federal Tax Service has been trying to collect about the same amount from Khodorkovsky and Lebedev since 2005.

In 2005, the Prosecutor General’s office launched a new investigation into the dealings of Khodorkovsky and his henchmen. They were accused of embezzling oil and legalising 450 billion rubles and $7.5 billion in 1998-2004. In 2005, by the way, the main trial in the Yukos case was still underway.

Associates from Yukos acted according to a cunning scheme. Raw materials were extracted from oil wells in the form of a mixture of gas, oil, water, and other impurities. This is the so-called “borehole fluid”. It must be processed, after which oil appears, the quality of which must be determined by GOST. According to international and domestic Russian standards, only oil is a market product. It is for its production that licenses are issued. A tax is taken from its production. In the domestic and foreign markets, oil is traded at market prices, from which taxes must also be paid.

Khodorkovsky’s sharashka decided to use everyone by inventing and applying its cunning scheme. YUKOS extracted “well liquid”, did not process it to oil, but sold it as it is – with all the impurities. I.e., bypassing the law, the company did not seem to sell oil, so it did not pay taxes either on sales, or for the use of mineral resources, or for production. Since taxes were to be paid only on oil that meets the state standard, Yukos managed to circumvent the law and profit from it, deceiving the state and robbing the people of the country.

In the 90s, many reforms were carried out at the instigation of Yeltsin‘s advisers. At that time, Gaidar and Chubais hurriedly sold, or even distributed state property to anyone. Some valuable assets were sold through collateral auctions under the “loans in exchange for shares” scheme. So they ended up in the ownership of bankers-oligarchs. Banks, alas, acted in their own interests, not thinking about the benefits for the country, so they often rigged the results of competitions. It was thanks to this that Khodorkovsky bought 78% of Yukos shares for $310 million at a cost of $5 billion, and Berezovsky took over Sibneft for $100 million, whose assets were estimated at $3 billion.

Until 1992, all the raw materials of the Russian Federation were owned by the country, and then they fell into the hands of the oligarchs. Their success in acquiring valuable assets was closely tied to agreements with government officials who managed privatisation, as well as their ability to intimidate and eliminate competitors.

The whole truth about Khodorkovsky’s theft on a phenomenal scale was revealed, the swindler has already served his time. Now it is necessary to ensure that he returns to the people of the Russian Federation everything that he stole from the country. Why on earth should this scumbag fatten up at people’s expense? He won’t be able to stay abroad. Debts will have to be paid: there are no other options, only this one.


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