Kiev Advisor Shkiryak to LDPR Leaders: Surrender or Suffer the Same Fate as “Givi”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

08/02/2017 /

Heads of the DPR and LPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky will be the next ones to be killed following the terrorist attack that killed the commander of the Somali battalion Mikhail Tolstykh, call sign “Givi”, declared the adviser to the Interior Minister of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak.

According to him (interview with “112” Ukraine), they should “surrender to Ukrainian power”, or they will suffer the same fate as the commander of the Somali battalion, who died during a terrorist attack.

On his page on Facebook he expressed joy from the occurrence of the tragedy.

“What a remarkable morning, because the ‘mad elevator’ of Mordor fully accelerated. Now there is one less scum on our land. Murrain of Novorossiyans continues without end. Today, in the morning, on the territory of the location of the Russian terrorist gang ‘Somali’, the leader of this criminal group – ‘Givi’ – was erased. The 10th one went. Minus one more piece of filth. The bloody murderer and terrorist ‘Givi’ became another passenger of the ‘mad elevator’, and caught up with another terrorist beast, his buddy, bastard ‘Motorola’. Our sources in occupied Donetsk confirm the erasing of ‘Givi’. It is the Russian security services or the internecine rivals of Zakharchenko, it does not matter. But it happened. Glory To Ukraine! Death to enemies!” he wrote on the social network.

Meanwhile, the second-in-command of the DPR command Eduard Basurin declared to journalists that Shkiryak could be involved in the terrorist attack, which resulted in the death of “Givi”.

“According to indirect evidence it is possible to claim with certainty that this tragedy was organized by the Ukrainian secret service. We don’t exclude the participation in this terrorist attack of the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Shkiryak,” he said.

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