Kiev – You Already Lost!

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


55,000 people. With flowers. With children.

Донецк, Похороны Гиви

At a temperature of  minus 15 and under the roar of enemy’s shells exploding in the suburbs. They are going. And nothing will stop them…

Донецк, похороны Гиви

Look, Ukraine… And rage from powerlessness…

Донецк, похороны Гиви

These people are not yours! This land is not yours!

And you will not return them under your boot by any, even the most cruel and inhumane, methods…

Kiev – You already lost!

You are already vanquished and crushed by the feet of thousands of people who passed in a funeral procession in Donetsk today. You just don’t know it yet. Or you know, but you are afraid to admit it.

Listen to the steps of these people, Poroshenko! Avakov! Yatsenyuk! Turchynov!

Listen to these steps, all of you… These are the “steps of the Commander“! The steps of all Commanders of Donbass! They come to you — the non-respected leaders of the miserable regime.

Do you know what these steps mean? And?

I know that you know! And that you are afraid! To the point of soiling your underwear! To the point of wetting your underwear! It is precisely these steps, and not Russia, cannons or tanks — your death sentence. Stupid, angry, greedy, Russophobe psychopaths.

If you at least watched well the American action movies, you would know the most important advice that at the end is always given to the main protagonist:

“If you kill this person — he will become a martyr for belief, a legend, and a legend is already impossible to kill. It will only rally them and will make them stronger …”

It is regretful that you didn’t watch these movies.

Look, Kiev, how the battalion commander Mikhail Tolstykh is leaving! And how Legendary Givi is being born!

Look at these people, who at  minus 15℃ are no less, than in October, 2016, when you created Legendary Motorola!

Stupid ghouls! You don’t even understand that EVERYBODY in this procession ALREADY defeated you, Kiev, and you Ukraine! Defeated in their hearts, in their spirits, in their souls. The time will come, they will defeat you in battle too.

Listen to steps of Commanders, Kiev!

And cry … Cry about yourself. Cry like you never cried before.

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