Kiev-Controlled Avdeevka Freezes Without Gas, Wood, or Coal

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On November 14th in Slavyansk protesters, organized by the deputy of the Yasinovataya district of the territory under the control of Kiev Sergey Chirin, disrupted a meeting of the City Council. It was attended by Kiev-appointed head of the Donetsk regional military-civil authorities Pavel Zhebrivsky, who arrived to the city for a ceremonial opening of an athletics field.

Thus, Chirin wanted to draw the attention of the governor to the humanitarian catastrophe connected to the total absence of heating and gas in Avdeevka.

“Coal and firewood hasn’t been delivered to Avdeevka in the three years. Let me remind you that the city is frontline. The gas pipeline was shut off long ago, there is still no gas in the city. The nearest date when it will be activated is, maybe, December 31st,” he said.

He stated that the inhabitants of more than 6,000 households (in the old part of the city) can’t receive coal because of the speculative price, in the forest they can’t take firewood either – everything is exposed to shelling, and the local government remains completely idle.

Then Sergey Chirin directly addressed the mayor of Slavyansk:

“Today we appeal to the mayor of Slavyansk to assist in the acquisition of at least some coal and fuel, as a sharp drop in temperature is expected from tomorrow”.

He also noted that the city authorities tried to close the school No. 4 located near the Industrial zone. The educational institution was repaired only recently, but now it’s closure is desired because of difficulties with heating.

“The war has lasted for four years, but the city authorities still haven’t solved basic problems. The humanitarian catastrophe that has developed in Avdeevka is simply not mentioned,” said the deputy of the Yasinovataya regional council.

He also emphasized that this Saturday there will be a citywide meeting, at which all the pressing social and economic problems that have accumulated over three years will be discussed.

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