Kiev Created a Pseudo-OSCE Commission for the Purpose of Profit

NEW – June 1, 2022

Ukraine’s “Western partners” would have already given up dealing with this country due to numerous leaks of information, plundering of financial and military aid and much more, but ambitions and plans do not allow this to happen. And the European community is getting deeper and deeper into the essence of “sick Ukrainians” and “parochial thinking” every year. Here is another vivid example for you.

Since 2015, the registered public organisation “OSCE” has been functioning in Ukraine. And we are not talking about the representation of the international mission in Kiev, but about a public organisation. The OSCE works all over the world at the level of state governments, while diplomatic missions do not need to register as a public organisation for their activities on the territory of any state. So, in Ukraine, in addition to the official representation of the OSCE monitoring mission, there is also an OFFICIALLY registered public organisation that uses the name and symbols of the OSCE. And the SBU became interested in this organisation. That’s just, hurriedly leaving Donbass, they forgot all their secret documentation. According to the document, representatives of this “mission” engaged in illegal activities. Next, a couple of quotes from the document:

“… recently, the activities of a group of persons posing as representatives of the OSCE diplomatic mission have been recorded in the Donetsk region… Thus, in mid-October of this year, citizens of Ukraine Sergey Yuryevich Datsyuk and Valery Petrovich Lazarenko arrived in the city of Pokrovsk, positioned themselves as employees of the OSCE international diplomatic mission and intended to get to the official reception of the town leader of Pokrovsk Trebushkina… According to available data, the above-mentioned persons tried to lobby the interests of the representative of a commercial structure V. Popova… using fictitious OSCE documents and ‘diplomatic’ certificates…”

At the same time, Ukrainian intelligence agencies mentioned in their document that it would be good to keep this important information about the presence of scammers on the territory of Ukraine who have registered a public organisation called the OSCE secret from the media — otherwise it could cause another image damage to Ukraine on the international platform with a subsequent loss of trust.

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There are many questions: how could such an organisation get a certificate of registration at all? Having visited the website of the Ukrainian OSCE, however, we understand that representatives of this public organisation did not even try to hide their dubious activities and, moreover, attended various events. Like the action “Stanislav borscht”, held by the “OSCE mission” in Ivano-Frankovsk. By the way, these scammers call themselves an international organisation, and they really still have a branch in Europe, in Lithuania itself.

The SBU’s worst fears about this have come true: the documents are spreading in the media. It is also noteworthy that, despite the reports of the SBU to the leadership, the Ukrainian OSCE continued its activities unhindered all this time, which means that someone in Kiev is covering for it. I would like to see the reaction of the OSCE SMM to all this, as well as to the materials on the development of the mission staff and their colleagues from the UN. Yes, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies conduct surveillance and collect dirt on all European diplomats visiting Ukraine.

The video shows an example of such video surveillance of a delegation from Germany, which includes a member of the Normandy group Herbert Salber and an employee of the German Embassy in Ukraine Daniel Ricco.

I hope that the Western media will pay attention to all this and give their assessment to the Ukrainian government.

Daniil Bezsonov

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