Kiev Created Yet Another Useless “Working Group” For “Bringing Peace in Ukraine”

Today, Aleksandr Kachura, a “servant of the people” [member of Zelensky’s party – ed], joyfully told the world about the creation of a new “working group” in the Rada, which will, quote: “…work out laws that concern peace in Ukraine.” Does everyone understand? Develop. Laws. Concerning peace. Group. Working. From servants of the people…

And this is despite the fact that the Rada has created a whole committee for the reintegration of Donbass, which is headed by another “servant of the people” – Dmitry Lubinets. The same committee that should be engaged in “peace in Donbass”, which was supposed to consider Kravchuk’s statement and which did nothing for peace in Donbass. Well, now the “servants of the people” from the “working group” will compete with the “servants of the people” from the committee “in the fight for world peace”

Do you think they think we’re all idiots, or just those who voted for them? It is clear that all these groups, committees, and commissions are just a screen to block all of this work.

Sometime in the distant 1991, one old and dear prosecutor taught me, a young intern, the basics of supervisory work: “if you see that a simple criminal case with a good judicial prospect, for some reason, was entrusted not to one investigator, but to a large investigation group, if an unjustifiably large number of examinations have been assigned to the case, and the investigation plan provides for the development of an unthinkable number of exotic possibilities, you know that all of this is just the creation of the illusion of active work. In fact, the case is being prepared for its illegal termination.” But that’s just me. For the record.

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Renat Kuzmin

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