Kiev Deliberately Sabotaged a Prisoner Exchange With the DPR

NEW – June 1, 2022

A prisoner exchange was supposed to take place today. 74 people were supposed to be transferred from the DPR to Kiev, the same number of their people were supposed to be taken back, but the whole process was disrupted before it even started.

Moreover, it was done cynically: the nationalists opened fire on the hospital where their own military were being treated.

No one in the DPR hid in which medical institution the wounded Ukrainian soldiers who were captured are. Hospital No. 15 is located in Donetsk, in the frontline Petrovsky district. During the fighting, the Kiev gunners standing on the other side have studied this area well. We can say that every square was shot at by nationalists.

On the eve, an agreement was reached between the parties on the exchange of our detained guys for the special guards who were captured in Mariupol. The transfer was to take place on the contact line in one of the districts.

Since yesterday, the hospital has started preparing uninvited patients for discharge and transfer. They were supposed to be loaded into buses early in the morning and delivered to the point. But in the late afternoon, Ukrainian artillery began firing at the hospital itself. Several shells hit the courtyard of the medical institution. Patients and medical staff had to be lowered into a bomb shelter. The shelling continued in the morning on the day of the exchange.

Naturally, in such conditions, all agreements were disrupted and the exchange was canceled. Kiev, as always, showed its face and incompetence. Initially, it was clear that the Ukrainian authorities did not need ordinary UAF troops, even more: they find them to be toxic.

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After all, after the exchange, their own journalists will want to talk to these people. And that picture drawn by Ukrainian propaganda about Russian barbarians and bloodthirsty Donetsk separatists can melt like ice.

You see, Donetsk and Russian doctors treated their wounded, provided them with all the necessary qualified assistance and agreed to transfer them to Ukraine as healthy as possible. But such a picture is not included in the Kiev propaganda plan, it is easier for them to kill their own people just so that the truth does not open up. Basically, that’s what they tried to do. And this time our military was able to give them a second chance (I mean prisoners). Counter-battery fire extinguished firing points.

74 Ukrainian servicemen, who were supposed to be given up today, remain in Donetsk today, although they could already be on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Andrey Rudenko

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