Kiev Fired the Chief Military Psychiatrist, Who Said That ATO Fighters Are A “Threat to Society”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ministry of Defence discharged from his position the head of the psychiatry clinic of the National Military Medical Clinical Center Oleg Druz. This was written on the Facebook page of the Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak.

Poltorak explained such decision by the fact that Druz unsatisfactorily carried out his official duties, and in this connection the minister prescribed an internal investigation.

“Just made the decision to dismiss from his post the psychiatry clinic of the National Military Medical Clinical Center ‘Main Military Clinical Hospital’ Colonel Oleg Druz in connection with the unsatisfactory performance of official duties, and an internal investigation has been appointed.”

Earlier, Druz said during a Health Committee meeting that 93% of participants (the “98%” figure comes from official statistics) in the ATO are a potential threat to society and need treatment.

“As the international experience testifies, combatants upon returning to peaceful life can become a threat for both their own families and for all of society. According to statistics, 98% of them (combatants) need qualified support and help due to stress factors during combat. The frustration of fighters are characterized by the high level of inner-turmoil, increased aggression, low operability, aggravation and development of chronic diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction, asocial behavior, increased levels of suicide, life expectancy reduction,” he said.

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