Kiev Forces LPR Residents to Cooperate in Exchange for the Chance to Receive a Pension

The head of the Center for Public Relations of the LPR Ministry of State Security Evgeniya Lubenko reported on March 5th that employees of the SBU force the retired residents of the Republic to cooperate in exchange for the opportunity to receive a pension in the Kiev-controlled territory (which otherwise is withheld, hence why Russia tries to fill the void and pay the pensions of Donbass residents in rubles). Thus, against the background of continuous fighting in Donbass, the Banderist junta tries to receive help from the inhabitants of the people’s republics, since the army’s progress was nipped in the bud after the Debaltsevo cauldron.

The Ministry of State Security obtained information about the arrival of a group of SBU employees from Western Ukraine to the temporarily occupied territory of the Lugansk region. Their purpose is to recruit – for secret cooperation – senior citizens arriving from the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic to Ukraine for the registration of their pensions

According to Lubenko, after identifying potential agents, SBU officers send them from the district pension offices to carry out recruitment activities.

The inhabitants of the republic are set the task of collecting and transferring to the SBU information that is a state secret in exchange for the possibility to register for and receive an allowance

Kiev’s behaviour looks all the more despicable taking into account the fact that:

  1. In 2018 the Supreme Court of Ukraine declared as illegal the parliament’s decision to terminate the payment of pensions to the residents of the non-controlled territories of Donbass.
  2. A European Union statement read out at the 67th UN General Assembly Plenary Meeting called on Kiev to pay pensions and social benefits to all residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions who live on each side of the contact line.
  3. Poroshenko said in 2014 that Russia is to blame for the non-payment of pensions to the residents of Donbass. His exact words were: “Ukraine did not stop paying pensions to Ukrainians in the occupied territories, and Russia, which seized the territory of our country and does not give Ukraine any opportunity to fulfill social obligations to its citizens. All responsibility for the social and humanitarian catastrophe in areas not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities lies exclusively in Russia and its terrorist accomplices”.

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