Kiev Has Come up With a Way to Eliminate Ethnic Minorities in Ukraine

The Committee on Humanitarian and Information policy, which is headed by the well-known Russophobe Nikita Poturayev, who promised to burn Moscow and murder the residents of Donbass, and also called the Ukrainian Orthodox Church “the devil’s patriarchate”, has already started working on a draft law “on ethnic communities”.

Poturayev suggests that in order to get rid of language and ethnic problems, the concept of “ethnic minorities” should be ELIMINATED and replaced with the “harmless” term “ethnic communities”, as he states. “Ethnic communities, in contrast to national minorities, sounds harmless,” says Poturayev.

In other words, if such a law is adopted, the concept of national and linguistic minorities will disappear altogether, and Servants of the People will declare Ukraine a MONO-NATIONAL state. And you, if you want, can register yourself on the City Council as an “Internet community”, “community for the study of Agni yoga”, “community of lovers of African violets”, legally rent a room, and in this room, even eternally, learn both the Russian language and the culture of the “aggressor country” or Hungary, of course, without taking anything out of the rented premises. As Poturayev stated, in this way “manipulations around the language and ethnic issues will be removed”.

Miroslava Berdnik

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