Kiev Increased the Funding for the Banderist “Dzhura” Brainwashing Game

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In 2019 the government plans to considerably broaden the sphere of influence on the younger generation of Ukrainians with the help of the military patriotic game “Dzhura”.

On October 17th information appeared on the governmental website about new programs being approved, according to which the training of Ukrainian children will be conducted. “Dzhura-Zashchitnik” [defender – ed], “Dzhura-Desantnik” [paratrooper – ed], “Dzhura-Pogranichnik” [border guard – ed], “Dzhura-Gvardeets” [national guard – ed], and “Dzhura-politseysky” [police officer – ed] were added.

In addition, the government also expanded the list of institutions that can participate in the “Dzhura” game. Besides schools and institutions of out-of-school education, civil associations and the youth centers are also now involved.

I.e., military preparation will be carried out also among school students – children under 18, and among the youth.

Liliya Grinevich, the Minister of Education and Science, commented on the innovation and noted that the resolution adopted on October 17th expands the range of influence on the youth.

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports meets, organisers have the opportunity to exert influence on the hearts and minds of young Ukrainians. The central executive authorities, local government, teachers, and representatives of the public will be involved in holding the “Dzhura” games.

As remind, the military patriotic game “Dzhura” has been offered to children as a way of vacation and entertainment not for the first year. This summer its participants walked along the Khreshchatyk with the slogans “Death to enemies!” [in fact in the first video below it’s possible to hear them chant the full UPA slogan – ed].

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