Kiev Junta’s Limit of Madness is Almost Exhausted

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the event of the continuation of the senseless sacrifices in Donbass, Kiev’s junta risks to lose the rest of its army.

On New Year’s Eve the official representative of the Armed Forces of the DPR Eduard Basurin said that the moral and political state of the Ukrainian military personnel after the December venture near Debaltsevo became even worse:

“After massive losses of personnel as a result of the failed attempt at an offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the direction of the settlement of Kalinovka, the facts of desertion within the Armed Forces of Ukraine were confirmed. After it became known that the 90th battalion of the 81st airmobile brigade, from the place of their temporary deployment at the settlement of Konstantinovka, will be relocated to the Svetlodarsk region, UAF soldier Alekseenko Mikhail 1981 left a military unit without permission, having a gun and ammunition on him. This courageous act of the soldier indicates that in the ranks of the UAF there are less of those who are willing to fight against their own people and die for the “ideals” of Bandera…”

Don’t be confused by the fact that in this report it refers to only one definitely established case of desertion from the “UAF”.

The representative of the Armed Forces of the DPR is a serious man, and relies only on proven facts. Nevertheless, the overall situation seems to be much more depressing for the Kiev regime. And here’s why.

After a sudden outbreak of military activity by Kiev in the region of Debaltsevo, the ranks of the military analysts appeared downright confused. No one could understand the most important thing – what military-strategical, or at least tactical expediency could justify the sacrifice of tens, if not hundreds of their soldiers during the ill-prepared attack, which clearly had no chance of success?

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Eventually, almost all agreed that there was no military sense, and that the reason for this attack, most likely, is connected to the rather distanced-from-the-typically-Donetsk realities by its political and geopolitical framework. For example, here is what Russian scientist, the expert of the “Association of Military Political Scientists,” the head of the Department of politics and sociology of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Andrey Koshkin thinks:

“If we think about what time was chosen, everything will fall into place. Monday, December 19th, was a very important day for the electoral procedures in the US — the vote of the electors. This provocation was organized around this political event. Certainly, in the media in the West, this military confrontation will be presented as an aggravation by the militia with the support of Russia. This newsworthy event was created in order to remind about the issue of Ukraine, to attract attention to itself from the US and Europe, including the attention of electors who will have to make a decision.

Now is the time of the political off-season, when the Obama administration is yet to depart and the new one has not yet arrived, and the Kiev authorities required such actions so that they are not forgotten. The timing of this provocation was intelligently chosen. The electoral college was left with over a day before the vote. This is exactly the time when information is relevant and topical, and the time during which it is sufficient to promote it. After two or three days the news is no longer so important because it is encumbered by an abundance of other news…”

Again, we will stress that this is only one possible explanation, which in different sources can be found in the dozens – from the nationalization of “PrivatBank” to the trial of the Kiev junta in Moscow. But, at the same time, none of them in any way connect the causes of the bloody events in the “Svetlodarsk arc” with the logic of the development of the military situation in Donbass. On the contrary — it is only about political motivations in personal and group interests of certain Kiev politicians.

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And now it is necessary to remind that “Ukrainian military personnel” are also far from being fools and know that these opinions and evaluations no less than all the others. I.e., they also understand the obvious very well – that their lives simply and countlessly are spent in the gambling political games by those who now are at the helm. And I don’t think that understanding this fact adds optimism to the “Ukrainian military“.

On the contrary – the normal reaction of any sane person is the desire to protect themselves from becoming submissive livestock that are being driven to the slaughterhouse just for the sake of one of Kiev’s big chiefs to show another one how tough they are.

That is why I am sure that the message of Eduard Basurin about one “Ukrainian” deserter after a failed attack near Debaltsevo can be easily multiplied by an order greater, or even two.

There is nothing more terrible for the morale of any army than the realization that they are being driven to senseless slaughter. And in this sense, the December adventure by Kiev in Donbass, no doubt, has had a huge demoralizing effect on the personnel of the UAF. I think that therein lies the main substantive result of this “offensive”.

Kiev gruppenfuhrers and gauleiters absolutely flatter themselves in vain with the hope that they can endlessly continue to spend soldiers’ lives in any quantity, because they are the big chiefs and are free to dispose of them as they wish. But they are deeply mistaken. In reality, every new bloody folly brings the allotted-to-the-Kiev-junta limit of madness nearer and nearer to complete exhaustion. And, apparently, the day is near when this sinful bowl will finally overspill. Anyway, after this ritual cleansing with its own blood, I do not give a damn about the morale of the “Ukrainian army”.

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