Kiev Police Aggressively Detained the Human Rights Activist and Lawyer Elena Berezhnaya for Wearing a St. George’s Ribbon

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Kiev during the “Immortal Regiment” action the police detained the head of Institute of Legal Policy and Social Protection of Irina Berezhnaya” Elena Berezhnaya.

This was reported on Facebook by the human rights group “Uspishna Varta”.

We contacted Elena Berezhnaya and she is in the Pechersky regional police department. Her lawyer is coming. Police officers subjected her to physical abuse, and thus Elena Berezhnaya will go from the regional department to the hospital to receive medical care. Elena Berezhnaya asks all human rights and international organisations to help!

According to “Glavcom”, during her detention Berezhnaya resisted, but law enforcement authorities nevertheless placed her into the car of the patrol force.

During the briefing the First Deputy Interior Minister Sergey Yarovoy explained that Elena Berezhnaya was detained because of forbidden symbols. In the photo taken during her detention it is seen that on the t-shirt of Berezhnaya there is a ribbon akin to the one of St. George. A report was made concerning her arrest.

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